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Can Women REALLY have Casual Sex?

Can Women REALLY have Casual Sex? 1

Does Having Casual Sex Hurt Women?

Most 21st Century Women generally fall into one of two categories:

a.) They are having a lot of Sex

b.) They are not having any Sex

Why is there such an extreme difference between the two?

I believe that women who are comfortable with Casual Sex seem to have a lot of it and Women who are honest about wanting a “Relationship” are holding out for “The One”.

The question is: Can Women really have Casual Sex?

I think it also depends on three factors:

a.) It depends on how attracted the Woman is to the Man.

b.) What she’s looking for.

c.)  How good the sex is. 

Now, I understand that Women have needs just like Men, however, our development and construction are different from theirs, and then there are those annoying yet good hormones like Oxytocin. 

These hormones have a tendency to affect women more than Men. So is it in your best interest to participate in Casual Sex?

These hormones can also make you bond to the “wrong man” thereby leaving you wondering how this happened and how you can get out of it.

That will depend on what you REALLY want, if you are being HONEST with yourself, and if it’s in YOUR best interest. Only you can determine that.

There are lessons in life were you able to have casual sex in the past and not be hurt by it?

 Tips to see if you can handle Casual Sex:

1. My philosophy is “No Sex” without a Commitment, however, Women will be Women and their emotions will run away from them so with that said…

  • First and foremost USE PROTECTION each and every time you engage in sexual activity.
  • In addition, get TESTED, your life is always more important than a momentary tryst.
  • If you have been wanting this guy for a long time, be careful because your emotions are already flying high, and when you mix that with the “Love Hormone”, you may be in BIG trouble, especially if the sex is just “sex” for him.
  • The emotional sex you want with him is most likely the physical release sex he’s wanting with you.
  • If, the two of you are not on the same page, don’t think you are going to change his mind.
  • Changing his mind may happen on a rare occasion but it’s not the norm.
  • Remember to always protect yourself because each time you sleep with a different man, you give away a little piece of your self-esteem. 
  • This type of behavior creates emotional stress in your life.

2. If you are on the prowl for a man to have sex with being aware that is a Masculine behavior; perhaps being flirty, a feminine behavior, might be a better choice.

  • Feminine behavior may serve you better in the long run and get you what you want.
  • Masculine behavior may work well for just a one-night stand or four sleepovers, but your Feminine side will have him coming back again and again.
  • Why does flirty Feminine work differently than Masculine behavior?
  • Men respond differently to passive feminine energy versus aggressive male energy.
  • Most men are hunters by nature so they prefer to be the ones on the prowl.
  • Try being aggressive with men and see how they respond. It will be a turn-off for most men.

3. Now there is another category that women think they can fall into, “Friends with Benefits”.

  • But who does this arrangement REALLY benefit? Usually him.
  • Can you truly avoid NOT getting emotionally entrenched? Maybe.
  • Do you think you can you still date other Men while you are sleeping with him? Maybe or maybe not. Depends on the woman. 
  • At some point, the waters are going to get REALLY muddy.
  • Think about other time(s) you decided to take this road; how did it turn out for you?
  • If this is your first time considering this option, carefully review the pros and cons then weigh the risks to your self-esteem.
  • Now, if you are already friends be extra careful because it will probably affect your friendship, especially if it doesn’t work out.

The next time you think about having Casual Sex, take a long pause and make sure it’s what you really want and if you’re willing to endure the consequences of the decision.

Nothing could happen or a lot could happen. It’s a game you may not want to play if you are left with the losing hand.

Don’t tell yourself “stories” to make it “okay”; you’ll end up feeling used and angry about it especially if it turns out to be a really bad experience; meaning you get nothing from the experience but he gets everything.

However, don’t allow this to happen…

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