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LOVE THERAPY is a romantic drama about AJ a successful, lonely, overworked therapist who solves her client’s relationship issues but doesn’t want to deal with her own. While fixated on her daily activity, she meets a handsome stranger that reminds her of what she’s been missing. But, she wonders if he’s the man of her dreams or just another nightmare. He forces her to deal with the issues that are blocking new love from blossoming. 


Release Date 4/26/16

LOVE THERAPY was my first feature film as a writer/producer/director and it was a labor of love. LOVE THERAPY was an indie production and didn’t make it to the theaters but it has over 1.5 million views on YouTube.


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As a filmmaker, Dahmenah Mingo produces feature films, documentaries, and web series through her production company Rose 2 Rebel Entertainment. She began her film studies at San Diego City College and later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business at California State University. After working on several shorts and feature films, she then relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles. She then wrote and produced her first short film, Loss. Upon graduating from New York Film Academy Director’s Program, Dahmenah wrote, acted, and directed the short film, Episode, and Three Wishes. She later produced the feature-length documentary, Happily Ever After

Recently, Dahmenah wrote, produced, and directed her first feature-length film Love Therapy, The movie is a romantic drama about a therapist that gives love therapy to her clients to heal their broken hearts, while her heart is also broken.



CharacterAJ – Erika L Holmes


Erika the leading Lady LOVE THERAPY has been involved in the arts since early childhood. She studied dance, choreography, and theater at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. That foundation shaped her into a well-rounded performer with a remarkable professionalism and an admirable work ethic. As a child, she appeared in a PSA, and numerous stage productions; holding her own amongst a cast of awe-inspiring adult actors in the Old Globe Theater production of August Wilson’s play, “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.”

Upon obtaining degrees from Morgan State University and Northwestern University, Erika returned to her first love, performing. In recent years, Erika has appeared in commercials and print campaigns and has shined in several stage productions, films, and television appearances. Having studied at Playhouse West School and Repertory Theater, and at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio, she continues to hone her natural ability and explore all that she has to offer.

Character -Tony – Michael Teh


Micheal Leading Man in LOVE THERAPY. After several degrees & careers, and extensive theater & improv training in NY, MICHAEL TEH moved to LA in 2006 & has worked on over 25 films – mostly in lead roles.

DRAMATIC leads in features include one opposite ADRIAN PAUL in “Lost Colony / Wraiths of Roanoke” (premiered prime-time on SyFy) & as the antagonist in the martial arts film “White Wall”. He recently played Jesus Christ in “The 3 Angels’ Messages” & a rock star in the feature “Groupie” with Academy Award nominee ERIC ROBERTS. His short “Flame of the West” premiered as an Official Selection at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL & “Acholiland” is collecting awards. COMEDIC work includes leads in “Right Time Wrong Place”; “Stick ‘em Up”, “American Jewels” & multiple Internet eps & skits. TV work includes eps for “Saints & Sinners” (My NetworkTV), “Diagnosis X” (TLC) & webisodes for “Burn Notice” (USA).

In LA he trains at LESLY KAHN & Co; MARGIE HABER & the LARRY MOSS studios. Fine teachers such as AUSTIN PENDLETON & SUSAN BATSON (Nicole Kidman’s coach) have commended his ability. In fact, Susan recommended him for a lead role opposite MERYL STREEP in “Dark Matter”. He was named a Semi-Finalist & Prize-Winner out of thousands of nationwide contestants in the last TNT Dramatic Auditions competition and was just nominated for an Achievement in Acting Award at the SoCal Film Fest (for his lead role in the film I.D.*). Michael has mastered many regional and international accents.

Character – Lisa – Crystal Lee Brown

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Crystal Lee Brown was born June 13 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At an early age, her parents knew she was destined for the stage and to entertain. She enrolled in community theater programs where she shined in many productions. After high school graduation, Crystal had her sights set on higher learning at Temple University, where she majored in Sports Journalism and Theater. Coping with the demands of college life, she still made time for auditions, perfecting her craft all the way. She graduated with honors with a B.A. in Fine Arts.

Once the stage was set, Crystal moved to New York City, where she worked for several major Sports and Television affiliates. She also joined the African American Women Repertory Theater Company in Brooklyn, New York, where she starred in many Off-Broadway stage plays including “Obsession” and “The Projects”. In 2005, after years in the “city that never sleeps,” Crystal followed her heart and moved to Hollywood, California to further her acting career.

Now in the “town where stars are born, and legends are made”, Crystal Lee is emerging as a multi-talented fresh face. Her niche as the young, hip, sassy and comical party girl has landed her roles in numerous productions, including the hit TV Series “Eve” and Nickelodeons’ “Just Jordan”. With significant credits to add to her resume, Crystal promises to forge a permanent impression in the world of show business.

Character – Rachel – Paris Smothers


Paris began her quest for stardom while growing up in Virginia with her parents and three siblings. At the tender age of 12, she was given the opportunity to serve as a Young Voice of Chantilly – – a group of young volunteers dedicated to empowering and inspiring youth in the African American community. This experience taught Paris the value of dedication, persistence, perseverance, and the importance of service to others – – attributes discovered while under the tutelage of group mentor Shirley O’Nelson.

Because of her belief that giving of one’s time is a small price to pay for the priceless gift of helping others Paris’ youth volunteerism was extended to include participation in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure campaign promoting breast cancer awareness and as a tutor to students in the high school academic program known as Upward Bound – – she was awarded the National Youth Ameri-Corps Award in honor of these humanitarian efforts. Recently, losing her father to cancer & sarcoidosis, she along with her family, is now more than ever, committed to doing all they can to fight these diseases and find a cure through the establishment of the Carl L. Smothers Cancer & Sarcoidosis Foundation.

Character – Stephon – Kenyon Glover

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Kenyon Glover is a former professional basketball player. He started seeking acting and modeling in 2004 after a career-ending injury sidelined him from playing basketball any longer. Kenyon has appeared in Upscale Magazine, national print ads, book covers, and fashion shows have been featured in quite a few Blockbuster films such as “Rules”, “Shadowman”, “LA Hit” and he has just signed on to star in his first major motion picture called, “Tune-up”, which will be in theaters later the fall of 2009. Please visit his website at

Kenyon is also a graduate of the University of Maine with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He is also CEO/Founder of The Glover Industries. He has received numerous acting chops from coaches, Martha Burgess, E. Lloyd Napier, and Donald Welch himself. In his free time, Kenyon likes to teach Martial Arts, play basketball, do weightlifting, travel, and just enjoy the life that God has blessed him with.

The Louisiana-born actor/model is interested in portraying positive images of the African American male “Kids need positive role models and I am aware that many kids look up to me. However, I always tell kids to keep their eyes on God and not me.” To the young male who is striving to reach his dreams, Glover offers this advice, “Pray. Stay focused on whatever it is you want to accomplish. Stay positive and don’t let others convince you that you can’t achieve your dreams. You can accomplish anything you want to. I don’t believe the words ‘I can’t”.

Glover, who is 6’4”, is also a black belt in karate and has played professional basketball in Europe. In the future, Glover has considered opening a martial arts school for kids or a basketball camp. Currently, he is focused on an acting career. “I believe acting is my calling. It is hard work and I am committed to training, taking classes, reading books, and learning the craft.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Management from the University of Maine, personal training certification from International Fitness Association, and certification in massage therapy from Shauk Therapy Massage School, Glover is destined for success and establishes himself as an African American man with all the positive elements of a man. Kenyon currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Character –Grace – Germaine Sims

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Germaine lives in Los Angeles where she works as an actress. She has appeared in various TV shows such as Private Practice and Party Down. Thanks to her East Coast roots, Germaine is an avid classic hip-hop fan. She also enjoys hiking in her spare time, despite being slightly afraid of wild animal attacks.