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25 Things Women Do Not Understand About Men

25 things

 Men Drive Us Crazy Most Of The Time. Why?

It’s a matter of differences, as humans we share emotional responses but the way we think and react is different which can leave both genders scratching their heads.

We just don’t get it!

Ladies, would you agree? The video below is an example.

25 Things about Men that we just don’t Understand:

  1. Mixed Messages – If you don’t want to have a relationship stop acting like you do because your mouth Know your needsand your actions don’t match. If you’re confused, figure it out then let us know. 
  2. Disappearing Acts – One minute you’re calling all the time next minute you’re not, and then you reappear months later. Really?! What happened?  Guess it didn’t work out with her! Hold up, wait a minute, you think you are still wanted here, think again! 
  3. Code Words – You’re always “too busy” to spend time with us even though you say, “I like you and I miss you.” What’s up with that? Look, you’re grown if all you want is one thing speak your real mind!
  4. Forgot to Mention – Eight dates and three sexual encounters later, now you’re telling me that you’re married. If you’re not happy then figure it out but don’t bring us into your drama. Not cool!
  5. Distracted Much – Acting funny lately, seem distant, tired, busy, quiet, and haven’t been in the mood for anything, what’s really going on? Please Communicate!!
  6. Phantom Friends – Four months into a relationship and you always have plans with your friends but the funny thing is we’ve never met any of them. What’s up with that?!
  7. Count Dracula – Guess you are a Vampire because we only see you after 9 pm at our house. Are you afraid of the light or is there something else going on?
  8. Forgetful Moments – Lost your wallet so you can’t pay for dinner. Is that so… 
  9. Pound 4 Pound – Small enough to sleep with but too heavy to date. Wow!
  10. Misrepresentation – financial problems are one thing but needing to be taken care of is another. Sorry dude, no can do!
  11. Nice Guys – They don’t finish the last boring guys do because they lack passion in their lives and in bed.
  12. Kissing is not a sport – If you don’t know how to use your tongue it’s better to let it be.  Or maybe you should put it up for retirement because when it’s bad it’s so, so bad! But maybe it is actually our fault for keeping quiet.
  13. To be clear – Talking about your lack of money is that so we don’t expect to go out on dates or receive gifts?
  14. Carrying an Invisible Backpack – We get that you’ve been hurt before so you might not trust women, if so, just take some time to heal because we’ve been hurt too and don’t want to be hurt by you.
  15. Forget me not – If drinking is something you like to do and you forget things that you do or it changes your personality then just forget us too. If you want help that’s a different situation.
  16. Professor Fix it – It’s okay if you don’t have a solution to all of our problems because sometimes we just want to share.
  17. Put Down Master – The sarcastic remarks about the way we dress, eat, walk, look, and weigh, hurts our feelings and it’s just mean.
  18. No one is perfect – Correcting our grammar is not okay, especially in front of others.
  19. Mommy doesn’t live with you anymore – So please clean up after yourself because most of us work as well. Also, it makes us into naggers and that’s not cute. 
  20. It Wasn’t you – If it wasn’t you then who is this in the video your twin brother? If you wanted her then you should have told us. Wait did you want us both?
  21. Way too long – It’s been years since you’ve been to the doctor, why? Healthy looks good on everyone!
  22. Chill a bit – Being controlling is not an attractive quality and it’s an all-around bad idea.  We are not robots so we don’t believe in punishment. But, if you don’t want to stop then it’s time to put on the sneakers and run as fast as possible away from you because we don’t live there anymore. 
  23. Hating life – If you hate your job that’s fine but don’t take it out on us instead figure out what you really want and then change your situation. Being unhappy doesn’t look sexy on anyone.
  24. The Decision Maker – Taking charge of a situation that needs a solution is sexy but the opposite is not.
  25. Where’s Waldo – He’s at work. He works all the time so we hardly spend any time together. Why do you work so much? If you just talk to us maybe we’ll understand or if you take a day off once in a while will be satisfied. Unless you are working all the time as a way to escape.

After reading this list of 25 things, does any of them remind you of a situation that happened in the past or is currently happening? No one is perfect, men and women do things that there not always aware but some things are done intentionally. So just being aware of behavior can change everything in a relationship if you are open to change.

Communication and honesty are two of the biggest reason why relationships fail because women get irritated and resentful about behaviors then instead of problem-solving, fighting occurs, and before you know it the relationship is over.

One thing is for certain we all want a loving, happy, relationship but we have to do a few things before that can happen.

  • Figure out who you are and why you do the things that you do. If you don’t like something about yourself 25 Things Womenthen work on yourself. Ultimately in life, we stand in our own way, others just get in our way if we let them.
  • Figure out what you need versus want (like-minded, honest, gentle, fun).
  • Find happiness within your life and yourself while you’re single then you’ll attract another happy person.
  • Don’t settle because of loneliness, later you might resent him/her for not being what you really want!

Don’t worry guys, I’m going to write one for women as well. Feel free to share your ideas!

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