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34 Life Lessons From Making My First Indie Game

Life Lesson Making Indie game

My 34 Life Lessons I Learned From Making An Indie Game

Life lessons are hard but great at the same time. They remind us how strong we are and that helps us grow. These life lessons will help you navigate problems if you learn from them. Human nature can be stubborn and forgetful this is why you tend to live in a circle. Think back five years ago are you still having similar experiences? 

  1. Set yourself up for success – Create small goals for yourself so that you are always winning. For example: get 50 reviews for my mobile game within two months.  Progress will keep you going, and incremental steps help you reach your BIG goal.
  2. Pay attention to your habits – If you are doing the same things you’ve done in the past, your outcome will most likely be the same. If your habit is staying busy, your productivity will be all over the place, causing your progress to slow or be non-existent.

34 Life Lessons:

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3. Find your stressors – Things that create stress are debt, lack of resources, and a job that you do not like. These stressors can distract you from your goal and make you lose faith in your ability to achieve anything, or they can ignite your drive and determination.

4. Discover what is holding you backThere are things you may want to accomplish but you cannot get yourself to start. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you afraid of failing?
  • Are you afraid of what others may think?
  • Do you have negative feelings about earning a lot of money?
  • Are you afraid of negative attention?
  • What life lessons can help me overcome procrastination?

5 Learn how to say “No” –   If you want to achieve a goal then you will need time to work on it. If you freely give away your time, you will not be able to accomplish anything.

6. The magic is in the details – Pay attention to the small things in whatever you are trying to accomplish. I’m currently making changes to my indie game. Aesthetics matter to the overall feel and user experience. Also, things like tracking clicks and downloads will let you know what is working.

34 Life Lessons From Making My First Indie Game 1

7. Create a harmonious collaboration with others – If your goal requires assistance then synergy is the thing you want to strive for. It will make your journey a lot easier and more productive.

8. Research, Research, Research – Do as much as possible before you start a new venture, it does not guarantee success, but it helps set you up for it. However, don’t spend too much researching because you may never start.

9. Pay with cash whenever possibleFor instance, you don’t want to go into debt because it will strain every part of your life. If you don’t have all the cash do what you can to begin the process. Some people take out business loans only to have the business fail. 

10. Improve the quality of your work – However, do not try to be perfect. Perfection does not exist because someone can always find something wrong with your work.            

11. Sometimes your original plan needs to change – After two blow-ups with collaborators, I decided to do something different. I’m a filmmaker turned game creator due to needing a break from others.

12. Listen to your body – The aches, pains, and exhaustion are all signs you need more rest or need to visit your doctor.

13. Do not quit – Things take time and because we live in an instant society, you may think everything should happen immediately but that is not the way life works. Any seed you plant needs constant watering over time before it can grow.

14. Working with a group of people is not for everyone – After multiple failed group partnerships, I realized it is not for me. It’s okay if you can only work with one or two people.

15. If something is not working figure out the problem – If you are looking for a job and you are not getting any interviews there is either a problem with your resume or you are applying for the wrong jobs.

16. Remember to be kind – Life is about energy so being kind to yourself and others will help create a peaceful environment.

17. Take responsibility – If you make a mistake own it, that shows yourself and others that you have integrity. 

18. Being happy is a choice – An important lesson in life is anyone can choose what they focus on and what makes them happy. A sunset, baby smiling, or your favorite song but ultimately the choice is yours. 

19. Small progress leads to big success – All action requires a starting point, if you start small and build over time, you avoid becoming overwhelmed, frustrated, or burnout. 

20. Life is about experiences – The more you have, the richer and more fulfilling your life will be so start a new adventure. Whether that’s traveling, starting a business, or finding a new relationship it is all about the journey. 

21. Make sacrifices – If you need resources while you are building a business or a new life, you may have to work a job that you do not like. Since you need to cover your living expenses while you create your new future. 

22. Avoid people who steal your time – These are people who want to complain about others or talk about things that do not matter to you. Moreover, this allows them to keep you from doing the things that matter to you. 

23. Find time to celebrate your progress – No matter how small moving in the direction you want to go is a win, so pat yourself on the back it will inspire you to keep going. 

24. Be mindful of your words – Negative words and or positive words have power, so while on your new journey remember to use positive words to describe where you are and where you want to be. 

25. Don’t make excuses to stay lonely – One of the most common excuses for being lonely is “I’m too busy to do anything.” Be wary of being alone, it can become a habit that will make you sadder as you age. 

26. Don’t live in the past – The past cannot be changed so don’t beat yourself up for poor decisions, it’s better to recognize the behavior and change it. So you will not keep reliving the same life

27. Set challenging goals to explode your progress – Once you start to see progress double your effort. For instance, if you set a goal to write one blog post a week and that helps your website grow, change to writing two per week and make them longer. 

28.  Love who you are today – By accepting and loving yourself it will cause you to make better choices for your future. Everyone wants the best for someone they love and that someone should also be you. 

29. Don’t get too comfortable – A person can be miserable and comfortable at the same time. Look around your life and be honest with yourself about what you do not like but have just accepted. Honesty is the first step to change.

30. Desire comes first – To accomplish anything, you must desire something whether that is to make more money, buy a house or take a vacation. 

31. Take mental health breaks when neededSelf-care is the most important part of your life journey. Without good mental/physical health, nothing else matters. Don’t ignore problems find some support. 

32. Reinvent yourself – This takes work because it is a journey of discovering and owning the things you want to change about yourself. Whether it be the number on the scale or your wardrobe, a better you is just around the corner. 

33. Create whatever your want – Time is going to pass no matter what you do so you should create something to share with the world. When I started making my indie game I knew nothing about the gaming industry. But, today I’ve learned a lot and preparing to make a second game. 

34. Be more playful – Life should be fun no matter your age. What you want to remember is the laughter more than the tears. 

I hope these important life lessons will inspire you to live your best life. There are a lot of things in life you can not control but focusing on your life is one thing that you can control.  Remember, a better you will make everyone around you better and the reverse is also true.