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32 Ways To Destress Your Life Today

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A few of these ways to destress may surprise you because they are not typical. Some days stress can be too much to bear even if your brain does not know it your body does. Every day you should make it a habit to decompress after a long day even if it is ten minutes before you become busy doing your household duties.

How can you destress yourself instantly?

  • Walking is a comfortable setting.
  • Taking a bath
  • Laying down and listening to some relaxing music
  • At work, take a moment and focus on your dog, child, or loving partner then breathe.

32 Ways to Destress or Decompress

  1. Ask yourself questions such as: – What is causing you to feel stress right now? – What would make this situation less stressful?
  2. Be mindful of how you react to situations – Sometimes words and or actions can trigger you to react in a certain way that causes stress or regret
  3. The words you use to describe things – Like feelings, events, and other people can cause stress. Why? Words are powerful and have meaning. If you complain about someone or something it will bring back the stress that the situation caused you.
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4. Be honest with yourself about everything – You probably agree to things you do not want to do. Or you settle for things because it is easy but you do not like them, for example, a job. Doing things that make you unhappy creates exhaustion.

5. Stop allowing others to treat you poorly -This damages your self-esteem and self-worth which affects your current and future decisions about your life. Lacking confidence will cause you to shy away from things you think are too difficult.

6. Scan your environment for people who cause you unnecessary stress – You may need to change the way you deal with them. For example, limit your interactions with that person(s). Toxic people can waste your time and energy and leave you drained and uninterested in doing things that you need to do for yourself.

7. Start therapy – This will help you identify your stressors whether they are from the past, present, or both.

8. Watch your spending – Debt can be a weight that is hard to carry and even harder to get rid of.

9. Walking or hiking – This is a great destresser because the open air allows you to think clearly about what is on your mind.

10. Listen to your body – It will give you signs that it needs you to do something different like rest more, exercise, or pay attention to your eating habits.

11. Add playtime – Do things you enjoy like dancing, drawing, live performances, and having dinner with family or friends. These activities or others will melt off the pressure of the day.

12. Check your diet – To see if you are eating things that are causing your digestion/gut to make you feel uncomfortable which can lead to fatigue.

13. Find some YOU time – Do something that relaxes you like writing in a journal, meditating, doing yoga, or a hot bubble bath. As a woman, you should take the time to recharge, and this is also a good example for the young girls/women in your life.

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14. Discover what you are grateful for – So that you can release the negativity that causes stress. There is a lot of negativity in the world today so gratitude helps you stay grounded in your truth.

15. Listen to your instincts – They will tell you when something does not feel right. If you go against your instincts and they were correct you will experience the consequence of that choice. Unknowingly, your choices can cause a lot of stress in your life so make sure to think things through carefully.

16. The smells of lavender, chamomile, and jasmine – They help relax you so drink some tea, buy a candle, or a plant to fill your environment with these scents. Using your senses are great ways to destress especially the sense of smell.

17. Reach out to a friend you have spoken to in a while – Catching up allows you to get out of your life for a moment and visit someone else’s life.

18. Apologize to someone you hurt – Guilt can eat you up inside and cause a lot of discomfort to your body.

19. Laughter – This is a great way to destress after a long day of using your mind and body. Find something funny to watch like the video below.

20. Organize your environment – When you walk into your home and are greeted with disorganization it can change your mood immediately. If you are holding on to things you don’t like or use, sell or donate them to a local shelter. If you are unable to release your stuff, revisit your past to find the cause.

21. Be less judgemental – Consequently, judging others requires negative thoughts and, words. Also, jealousy sometimes plays a role in how you see someone else’s life.

22. You don’t always have to be right – If you have to win every argument, you will lose someone valuable to you in the process which can cause a lot of pain and stress.

23. Get a hobby – For instance, ceramics, gardening, painting, or music all these things will help you connect with your creative self and help you relax.

24. Limit your news consumption – There are a lot of problems in the world and reading, watching, or listening to them constantly can cause you to internalize them.

25. Pay attention to the things you desire to control – The more things you try to control and fail, the more it will affect the quality of your life and health.

26. Listen to music – Music will uplift your spirits which will make you feel hopeful and happy. If you have a favorite song, when you are having a hard day is the perfect time to play it.

27. Plan things -Every Sunday is a good time to plan your meals for the week. Also, selecting clothing for work and completing tasks you have been avoiding. Planning makes the overall week easier because you only have to think about it once and then follow the plan.

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28. Pay others to do things you don’t like if you can – If you don’t like cleaning pay someone else to do it, if you don’t like cooking then pay for a meal service company or get a laundry service to wash your clothes. This is one of my favorite ways to destress because it frees up my time for the things I enjoy doing.

29. Volunteer – Putting a smile on someone else’s face will make you smile too.

30. Get a makeover – Whether it’s a new hairstyle or reducing the number on the scale. Looking and feeling better can give you a new outlook on life.

31. Fall in love – This can be with yourself or someone else. If you love yourself first you will choose a better partner to love.

32. Save for the future – Lacking resources when an emergency arises can be devasting so having money in the bank will make you feel more secure.



However, no one can completely eliminate stress from their life but these 32 ways to destress can help you manage it. Please share these tips with others who could use some help in this area.