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Don’t like Something, Change It

Don't Like Something, Change It

Change is hard but sometimes it’s necessary if you want to improve your life.

Most Women have something on the body, environment, and or life that would like to change.

Some complain about it, others cover it up, or bury it deep inside as though it does not exist.

The previous options are easier but the issue remains and in some cases can become worse over time if not resolved.

Sometimes a wall will happen that will make us do something different, like a health problem, losing a job, or even losing a loved one.  

The question is why do we wait or ignore things that are fixable?

Tips for Changing Something you do not Like:

  1. Think about his scenario: it’s sweltering outside but a woman has on a buttoned-down shirt over a tank top or a thin jacket. Why? Is she cold, probably not, she probably is uncomfortable with her arms, therefore, she is covering up what she does not like about her body.  Now if someone asks her why she is wearing that long sleeve buttoned-down, she may have so reasonable excuse. There is nothing wrong with covering a part of your body that you are uncomfortable with but, you should work on changing it. There are two ways to reduce arm fat: 1. do exercise using free weights 2. Do push-ups, you can do them on your knees and over time you will see a difference, it will be quicker than you think.
  2. If you hate your job, don’t settle; start thinking about something that makes you feel alive. Being in a time clock prison for eight hours isn’t fun for anyone. Once you’ve found something that you would do for free, find someone who will pay you to do it.  The job will not change so that means you have to change or the years will just keep piling on.
  3.  If your relationship is about to fall off a cliff, now is the time to assess it, ask yourself if you are willing to put in the work it needs to turn it around. You can have a roommate or a passionate lover the results are up to you. If there was love there once, it is possible for it to be reborn but ignoring it won’t change it. If you decide that too much has happened to turn it around then you can make a choice to accept the current situation or move on. The choice is always yours to make.
  4. If you don’t like your environment, for example, your apartment then maybe it’s time to move. If you don’t have the coins Love, Forgiveness, Career, Happinesto move up a level then consider getting a roommate. Nice places bring new energy into your world, with new energy the possibilities or endless. If you stay where you are because it’s cheap, convenient and you are comfortable then all areas of your life may stay the same. Why? Because you are settled for something that you do not really like and that energy is always around you when you try to suppress it.

It is hard to make changes because the unknown can be a scary place, however, if you are miserable because you are just dealing with stuff and instead of really living then it may one day leave a bitter taste in your mouth or the weight of regret on your back.

Things are always bigger in your head than in real life, so step out of fear and try something new. Need help CLICK HERE