Why He’s Just Not That Into You

The Answers Always Lie Inside

Social Communication:

  1. Texting is all the craze but it’s not really connecting
  2. Facebook messaging seems fun but it’s not really connecting
  3. Posting personal business will come back to haunt
  4. Social Media Stalking will make you upset by what you see
  5. Social Media Revenge – Posting private photos won’t get you what you want and will make you feel desperate
  6. Social Media Cheating and you will get caught eventually

This is making dating more challenging because we all have open to multiple ways to meet new people so we don’t have to settle.

Social communication can also be positive if you use it the right way.

Communication is a problem on so many levels:

  1. Not asking important questions
  2. Assuming things that may not be true
  3. Not being honest about what you want
  4. Putting Old pictures on your Social Media Dating Profile that make you look smaller than you are
  5. He’s playing head games by telling you what you want to hear and your instincts are telling you to leave him alone

Matters of the Heart:

  • Wondering why he hasn’t called you or why he isn’t calling/texting back
  • Not listening to your instincts because you really like him
  • Spending too much time thinking about him
  • Having a hard time leaving him alone so you chase him
  • You may sleep with him hoping that it will change his behavior

If you sleep with a man you really like but are not committed to you, it will make you miserable.

One reason you are allowing him to make you feel miserable is that you may have low self-esteem.

A woman with high self-esteem will require a man to either wait for marriage to be with her or at the very least be in a committed relationship.

Waiting for marriage, this is the 21st Century, women don’t do that these days; that is where you are wrong there are women who wait for religious reasons.

Also, some women know how precious their body is so they have set that high standard for themselves.

Believe it or not, most grown men appreciate women with high self-esteem, and high self-confidence because they won’t settle for just anything.

It’s time to stop allowing OTHERS to make you FEEL MISERABLE!