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Chasing Dreams-Setting Goals For A Better Future

Better Future


Setting goals for a better future is a must. Goal setting happens whether you realize it or not. But, setting goals for a better future requires time and commitment.

Every time you’re working toward something that’s a goal. However, some goals will not give you a better future. Impulsive goals can create stress and unforeseen consequences that can last for years.

Example of Impulsive Goal Setting:

  1.  Choosing a college major without knowing what you really want to do.  A lot of people choose majors then after college, they don’t work in that field. Why? They discover it’s not what they really want to do. But, there’s still twenty thousand plus student loan debt to pay back.
  2. Not researching your chosen profession to see its longevity and how much income you can make. Also, to make sure you can’t be replaced by an AI, especially when you have to pay back student loans.
  3. Listening to other people because you don’t trust or believe in yourself. Most older generations give advice based on their life experiences but life has changed and will continue to change so do your research.
  4. Competing with others because of jealousy. There are people in your life (sister, brother, cousin, friend) who may be more successful than you so trying different things just to beat them, in most cases, won’t work out. Why? The amount of time, energy, research, and education that you put into whatever may not be enough to “win.” Remember the lessons from the past when you had this type of feeling. How did it work out for you?
  5.  Making decisions under high-stress situations or because of anger. This doesn’t mean you can’t recover but it may cause temporary uncertainty and sometimes it may be necessary. I once quit a job without having another job because my terrible boss wrote an evaluation of my personality versus my job performance. Luckily, I recovered quickly, my self-esteem would have been severely damaged if I let them treat me that way.

How to Set Goals for a Better Future

The purpose of goals is to move you in the direction you want to go, and it requires steps. First, you have to figure out want you want not what someone else wants for you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I spend most of my free time doing?
  • Can I make a living from the thing that I do for free?
  • What have I always wanted to do but haven’t done it yet?
  • What’s been stopping me from doing it?
  • Am I ready now to follow through?
  • If not, why not? If yes, what’s different now?
  • If you ignore your desire what will it cost you?
  • Are you ready to be honest with yourself?

The above questions are to stimulate your thought processes so you connect with yourself, only by knowing who you are can you figure out what you want.

At this point, you should have suppressed the need to make impulsive decisions/goals and now are ready to start planning your future. Remember this, if you’re not getting the results you want that means either your approach or your mindset needs to change.

After answering the questions, you should know yourself a little better but you should start out small.

Answer these questions:

  1. What you’d like to accomplish over the next ninety days? It should be small things that you can complete in a day or two. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier here are three small goals:   A) Remove all the sugary snacks from your cabinets. B) Research healthier eating habits C)Pick a healthier eating habit (keto, vegetarian, paleo).
  2.  What is your six-month goal? It should be a little more challenging than your three-month goal. If you don’t reach your goals within the planned period of time then push them back do not make any more goals until those goals are completed.

Starting small will stop you from getting overwhelmed and feeling pressure which could cause you to give up prematurely and then you’re back where you started, feeling stuck, trapped, and or confused.Love, Forgiveness, Career, Happines


This guide helps you connect with yourself so that you can be clear about what you need to accomplish to live the life you deserve.


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