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How To Focus On Self

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How To Focus on Self-Journal Exercise

Your life is not about settling for whatever you can get, instead, it’s about designing your life the way you want it to be.

But first, you need to figure out how you want it to be and this Writing Journal Ebook helps you do just that.

In most countries, women are taught to take care of everyone else, rather than their own needs.

The problem with that philosophy is that if something happens to you because of stress or poor health, then who will take your place? Think about it.

Why Writing Journal Entry, Custom Journal:

  • Helps you to rediscover what you have lost because of having a busy lifestyle, taking care of others, or being too tired to care what you look or feel like.
  • Journal writing is a good way to reconnect with yourself, but you may not know what to write about
  • Answering questions in the Journal is a good way for you to look at the areas of your life that you have been neglecting and makes you think about what you really want.

Unfortunately, most women live in societies where women are not cherished instead are used, abused, and treated as property. Therefore, we are not taught how to treasure ourselves thereby we may also abuse ourselves due to low self-esteem and low self-worth, the byproducts of distorted societies.

Questions to think about:

  1.  Who are you really?
    • What you believe about yourself may be only part of who you are, it takes time to discover the missing pieces.
    • But, it’s the missing pieces that will explain why you’re making the choices you’ve been making and why your life is the way it is now.
  2. What is your TRUE PURPOSE in life?
  3. How can you give back to your community and or the world?
  4. Do you really believe that your only purpose is to work a 9 to 5 job that you hate just to pay your bills?
  5. If so, do you believe you will have a fulfilling life doing that or an unhappy one? If there was ever a time in your life you need to be honest with yourself, this is the time.
  6. The years go by so fast and at the end of it all, what type of life would you have lived if you keep down the path that you are currently on?
  7. Is it the kind of life you want your daughter or your granddaughter to live?
  8. If not, then why don’t you feel like you are not worthy enough to have a life that you can be proud of?
  9. Do you wear old, worn or cheap clothes because you need to provide for others first?
  10. Do you drive a really old car and it embarrasses you?
  11. Is your hair unattractive because you don’t have time to waste on yourself?
  12. Do you feel invisible to men?
  13. Do you eat to feel better, why?
  14. Do you avoid mirrors, why?
  15. When was your last relationship or how is your current relationship, are you happy?
  16. Do you prefer to avoid your life by just going through the same routine every day until a challenge forces you to pay attention or you can make a commitment that you deserve better, you deserve more?

Make some time daily to complete this journal exercise.

30 minutes a day can change your life for the better but you have to be willing to do the work.

Nothing changes until you do!

So often we complain about our lives, but we don’t do anything to make them better.

Life isn’t hard, yes there are things that happen, but in most cases, it’s your choices that create your good, bad or ugly reality.

Right now you are about to make another choice, whether to read this and stop here or to continue on this journey of self-discovery.

It could be the difference in your life completely changing over the next six months or staying the same for the next six years.

Please don’t let age be the reason that you are settling for whatever or however your life is now. If you are healthy, you can live the way you want to.

Actress Betty White had an amazing career in her eighties.

I met and interview Dr. Pat Allen for my documentary HAPPILY EVER AFTER when she was eighty, and this was years before she appeared on the Bravo Reality Series “ The Millionaire Matchmaker.”

It’s your life why not make it the way you want it to be!