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27 Ways To Makeover Your Life

27 Ways to Makeover Your Life


Are you ready to Makeover Your Life?

Do numbers 1-6 within 30 days this will create momentum and you’ll become accustomed to things changing in your life.

Sometimes, we get stuck in the familiar and it’s comfortable even though we are not happy.

27 Ways to Makeover Your Life:

  1. Make a decision that now is the time to makeover your life and commits to it. Time passes quickly so if you wait, it might never happen. 
  2. Rearrange a room or all your rooms.
  3. If your hairstyle has been the same for years change it.
  4. If you don’t wear makeup add some mascara and lip gloss to your morning routine.
  5. Donate your old clothes to a shelter giving back feels good and frees up space for more stylish clothing. 
  6. Start journaling about your current routine so you can identify habits or thoughts that are holding you back like procrastination.
  7. If you are holding onto things that you don’t need, don’t use, or have emotions that create stress now is the time to release them in order to allow positive energy to flow into your life.
  8. Write down every detail about your new life such as how your living environment looks and feels, how they treat you at your new job, your new salary, and your new look, and create a picture.
  9. Create a vision board with pictures that represent your new life. Place the board somewhere you can see it every day so it will inspire you to keep moving forward. Write your BIG goal(s) on this board. For example, transform my physical appearance and organize my home this year, and add pictures that represent the transformation you want to see.   
  10. Start a mission to pay off debt and start from the lowest amount so you can see progress quickly. Remember money lessons once you paid off your debt so you won’t repeat them.
  11. Spend less, save more. Debt is stressful and can make you feel trapped in the 9 to 5 grind when you rather be starting your own business. 
  12. Pick one area to focus on first like finding a new job that can pay for your new life, it should be something you can accomplish within 60 to 90 days.
  13. Buy a dry erase board to write three small goals on a dry erase boardGoals of 27 ways to makeover your life that will help you achieve your big goal and add dates so you will have a time limit. Visuals placed in sight view will keep you on track otherwise you may forget your goals. 
  14. Read 20 minutes a day in the morning or at bedtime about a topic that aligns with your career or life vision.
  15. Look at your life to see if anyone is holding you back because of
  16. their negativity.
  17. If someone is holding you back, if possible, spend less time with that person(s).
  18. Add stress management to your life by either exercising, doing yoga, meditating, or taking time to pamper yourself more.
  19. Increase your energy by eating healthy food and or adding supplements, some of my favorites are black seed oil, hair/skin vitamins, and collagen powder.
  20. Take better care of your appearance because the better you look the better you feel and the better you’ll do.
  21. Plan your to-do list the night before so that you can have a productive day, but make them short so you can progress quickly this reduces the chances of you quitting.
  22. Do a Google Alert for any news on a company you want to work for or a person that you want to meet.
  23. Find a partner that can help you stay on track because procrastination is easier when no one is watching.
  24. Find someone that is living the life you want and research what they did to reach their level of success then follow in their footsteps.
  25. If you are not sure of your new career path, think of what you do all the time for free because in today’s world you can make money from almost anything.
  26. Tap into your creativity by listening to your instincts, writing down your ideas, and taking action.
  27. Realize that fear is bigger in your head than it is in real life so you have to push yourself when you start telling yourself why you can’t do something.
  28. Avoid waiting for the perfect timing, perfect situation, perfect anything because perfection just means you can control the outcome so if you’re afraid of failure, you won’t do anything which means your life continues to stay the same.