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27 Ways To Build Self-Confidence and Believe In Yourself

27 Ways To Build Self-Confidence and Believe In Yourself 1

Self-confidence helps you believe in yourself and achieve your desired goals. Without self-confidence, you cannot face life challenges with strength, and if you don’t believe in yourself it causes self-doubt which can paralyze you or make you overanalyze everything.

What is Self-Confidence?

  • It’s the ability to tackle any problem with strength and determination. Having confidence allows you to put yourself out into the world in a big way.

Why you don’t believe in yourself?

Believing in yourself should be as basic as breathing but for most of us, it’s non-existing. Why? It’s because of negative criticism, societal standards, stress, and personal pressures we place on ourselves based on the comparisons of other people.

Here are 27 ways to help you build self-confidence and believe in yourself.

1. Groom yourself
Everyone knows how important this is in life but that doesn’t mean everyone does it well.  Shaving, showering, and styling your hair doing these things will make you feel good, look good and give you energy. Grooming means focusing on your appearance and there’s nothing wrong with that. 
2. Dress nicely
 Dressing nicely will make you feel confident and in some cases sexy. Dressing nicely does not mean you need to spend a lot of money on expensive clothing. More importantly, you should wear clothing that fit your body well, colors that make you look vibrant, and that present the personality you want others to see.

3. Take a picture
All of us have a mental picture of ourselves, take a full-length picture to see the real you, and If you don’t like what you see change it. Additionally, decide if you need to change yourself or how you view yourself.  If you don’t feel good about yourself, you will never fully believe in yourself. 

4. Think positive
Change your thoughts from negative to positive this will actually make great things happen especially if you learn to be grateful. It’s all about energy and self-help. 

5. Eliminate negative thoughts
Eliminating negative thoughts by being more positive. Try to find a positive reason for any negative situations because in life some things happen to teach us lessons. 

6. Learn more about yourself
Most of us think we know ourselves, but in reality, the picture of who we think we are but generally our words and actions contradict that picture.

7. Act positively
Just having positive thoughts is not enough; you should prove it by your actions. Act positively by doing things that help others and make you feel good this will develop self-confidence. Acting positively will empower you to change your life. 

8. Be kind and generous
Always be kind to others and develop generosity in yourself. This will help you create a positive self-image. Being kind to others will have a positive impact on those around you and people will respect you more.

9. Get prepared
Always be mentally prepared to tackle any situation with confidence.  Experiencing difficulties is part of life and growth but knowing you can handle them helps you believe in yourself. 

10. Know your values and live them
Always have set values for yourself to follow. Never compromise on your values. As these values will add direction to your life and by following them you will achieve your goals. Respect your values and follow them in every situation.

11. Speak slowly
A confident person speaks slowly and he does not force his point of view on others. Always present your point of view in soft words and listen to others. Don’t use rushing words.

12. Stand tall
Always stand tall and straight doing this will naturally give you self-confidence and belief in yourself. Others will have an impact on your attitude; this is positive for being confident.

13. Increase competence
Being competent in any field of life in studies or in business will make you confident. Research more and more and write things down this will make you believe in yourself and feel more competent. Observe things in a creative way this will be helpful in your success.

14. Set a small goal and achieve it
Set regular goals and try to achieve them. But your goals must be achievable, start by setting small goals, this will give you a boost of self-confidence causing you to believe in yourself. 

15. Change a small habit
Try to change your small habits like sitting too much or watching too much television.  Consistently work on 1 to 2 habits for a few months and you will change that habit(s) for life.

16. Focus on solutions
Instead of complaining about problems focus on the solutions. Most problems are solvable if you focus on a way to solve them, it might not be easy but you will grow from the experience. 

17. Smile
Smile more, it will make you more attractive and appear kinder. It’s contagious which causes others to smile back.  It also puts you in a better mood.

18. Volunteer
Volunteering will give you a sense of purpose and will improve your confidence.  Also, making your community a better place to live always feels good and will make you stand tall. 

19. Be grateful
Being grateful for what you have right now is a good habit.  Feeling gratitude for your achievements will give you the courage to keep moving forward and make you smile.

20. Exercise
Regular exercise empowers you and it will make your feel better. It clears your mind and gives you the confidence and energy to tackle those goals. 

21. Improve your knowledge
Always be learning about things related to your life goals or fun things that will make your life interesting.  Avoid getting trapped in the same routine, it will make your life boring, drain your spirit, and can make you a negative/bitter person as you age. 

22. Do something you’ve been procrastinating on 
What’s been sitting on your to-do list for months? Start working on it first thing in the morning if possible in order to get it completed. You’ll feel great about yourself.

23. Change your lifestyle
Find ways to keep your calendar full of activities that you enjoy and things that move your goals forward. Everyone should have goals they are working to achieve if not, you’re just standing still. 

Goals keep life interesting and give you a sense of purpose especially if you are unhappy with your life as it is right now.  Use your calendar on your phone to schedule everything that will make you feel that you are doing something worthwhile with your life. 

24. Work on the small things
A huge project can be difficult for anyone, divide your work into smaller chunks it will make achieving it a lot easier.  For example, if want to write a book, you can break it down into chapters or pages per day or week to make it less overwhelming. 

25. Be Punctual
Complete your tasks by or before the required deadline.  Be on time to your daily activities regardless of what it is,  this will make you confident and give you a good reputation.  

26. Being Honest
As you know honesty is the best policy, honesty is important for all aspects of life. Be honest with your work, your life, and your partner. If you are not honest you cannot be confident because you never know when you’re going to get caught in a lie.

27. Clear your desk
This is small and simple, don’t keep a mess on your desk and get rid of extra things. Being disorganized can make you feel out of control and overwhelmed. Take the time and put a system in place that will make you feel more confident. 

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During this self-help journey, goal setting should be a part of your life journey. Goal setting is how we move our lives forward in the direction we want to go. Especially if you are currently feeling stuck and don’t know what to do. But, sometimes you may not know what you want, if that’s the case it’s okay to get some help to figure things out.

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