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7 Types of Goals for Women In Film

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 Women In Film or any kind of media struggle with getting job opportunities that can take their careers to the next level.

The entertainment business is all about who you know and who will help you this fact is what makes it so challenging as a career path. It’s not always about talent or quality and that can be a hard pill for some to swallow. 

If you get an internship in an entertainment company that leads to a job that’s great, then you can move up the corporate ladder. However, if you want to make a run at being a freelancer like me (director/content creator) then be ready for a bumpy ride. Also, there’s always that question should you be union or non-union it all depends on your goals. 

7 Types of Goals For Women In Film

1. Eliminate your debt

If you are going to live a life as a freelancer in the entertainment business then reducing or eliminating your debt load will make life much easier. Owing money can keep you trapped in a job you hate in order to pay the bills especially if your heart is really into the arts, you don’t want to let debt stand in your way. Debt is a stressful burden so focus on making as much money as you can as a freelancer to pay it off. 

7 Types of Goals for Women In Film 1


  • Student loans
  • Car notes
  • Credit Cards
  • Back taxes
  • Unsecured loans
  • People you owe

I’ve experienced these debts before so I understand the burden debt can cause. Unfortunately, you probably didn’t have the right guidance about how student loans can be a lifetime burden if… Remember the lessons you are learning right now about debt so you won’t repeat them once you are free and clear. 

  • you always use the deferment/forbearance plan
  • don’t pay attention to the interest and only pay the minimum amount due
  • don’t earn enough money to pay off the loans
  • act like they don’t exist
  • don’t focus on paying off the loans
  • owe a very large sum of money 

Regardless of the degree, if you owe a lot of money you’re going to have to sacrifice to pay it off. If you decide to go back to school and you already have student loan debt ask yourself the following questions?

  1. What is your future earning potential and will it be enough to pay off your added debt?
  2. Can the career be replaced by an AI?
  3. How much will your new student loan+ and your old student loan cost in time, money, and stress?
  4. What is the real reason you’re going back to school?

Remember to always do research to make sure you’re making a wise choice for your future.

2. Don’t worry about what other people say

Everyone has an opinion about the way life should be lived. We live in a world full of choices. Don’t let anyone steal away your power to choose how you live your life unless you’re allowing them to take care of you. But, if you take care of yourself then you are the only one that decides when you eat, what you eat, and how much you eat.

Also, if you’re pursuing a career in this business you will need to put yourself out there in places like social media, networking events, conferences, etc so you can’t be afraid to show people who you are because they are going to judge you regardless. 

Don’t let others steal your joy or stop you from doing the things that will make you successful.

3. Learn to use social media 

Using social media is not hard it just requires daily attention depending on your goal. If you want to be a director, social media is a great place to build an audience for your work. If you want to build relationships with others in the business, you can use social media. 

If you’re new to social media pick one platform and focus all your energy there because if you have too many it may become overwhelming. Pick the one that fits best with your lifestyle and personality. Do your research.

4. Always shoot b-roll

When you are working, have someone take videos and pictures of you at work because you can use it for social media,  your website, and media packages. It’s always better to have footage of yourself even if you don’t like being in front of the camera.

Remember, you are always marketing yourself whether you realize it or not because creatives are always looking for collaborators. 

5. Have a good work ethic

This business is about reputation, some will bad mouth you to others if you make mistakes. Others won’t refer you to job opportunities that could change your life.  This happens all the time, there are people that I will not refer to for various reasons some are listed below. 

Things to avoid doing:

  • Not showing up to interviews/appointments without notification in advance
  • Always being late
  • Having a bad attitude
  • Not being prepared 
  • Not being honest
  • Crossing boundaries either personal or professional
  • Being mean to others because they will remember it
  • Being controlling means you want everything your way
  • Not returning email/text after someone has referred you to their contact
  • Not keeping your word

The above list is really about self-sabotaging which if you’re a Woman In Film will ruin your career over time. These are foundational goals but you also need some career goals. Getting a job may be the only goal you have right now. If so, answer the following questions:

  • A job doing what?
  • How much do I want to earn per project?
  • Who do you want to work for (studios, production company) or what do you want to work on (feature, television, web series).

Clarity is key.

6. Know your numbers

As women, we have a tendency not to focus on money but on survival. What numbers do you need to know? Expense numbers, debt numbers, and the amount of money that you want to earn to create a life that you brings you joy.  Sometimes, it’s easier to act like these numbers don’t exist but that doesn’t change your reality. If you focus on a problem that helps you solve it. 

7. Know your value

Knowing your value can cause a lot of inner turmoil. Why? When starting a career in the entertainment business you may need to work for free in order to build your resume and relationships. But, don’t let people use/disrespect you just because you’re working for free or volunteering. This can affect your self-esteem which will slow down your progress. 

On a set everyone has value or they wouldn’t be there, as a director, I don’t let anyone disrespect my crew or anyone on my set. 

7 Types of Goals for Women In Film 2

However, after working some gigs for free, you may feel your value has increased and you may not be willing to work for less than a certain amount. Remember, sometimes it’s not about money instead it’s about the relationship you can build.

So be careful not to judge an opportunity based solely on money, get to know the person because this could turn out to be your biggest regret. For instance, if your value is too high(day rate) you may not work for a long time or you may have to earn money doing something else.  Choices and actions should also be a reflection of your goals. 

The more specific you are the better, clarity is key when goal-setting. Also, you should write it down in a place you will look at every day such as your phone’s wallpaper. 

If your dream/goal is to change the world or to get your first oscar, you have to start from where you are.

Need help with goal-setting?  Get my FREE Goal Setting Guide For Women. If you live in Los Angeles, you probably left your home and moved here Goal Setting For Womenbecause you are Chasing Your Dreams so set yourself up for success. A lot of failures/mistakes are psychological and if you don’t figure out what your issues are you can’t change them. 


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