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10 Things Women want Men to Know

10 things women want men to know

What else do you Want Men to Know?

Some women think that once a man reaches a particular age there are things he should know about women. Unfortunately, this is not the reality because of many factors.

We wish men were mind readers but their logic gets in the way and besides, we women need to learn to communicate without letting our emotions get in our way. I know that is hard to do but it will get easier as you begin the Journey of knowing thy self.

And if we say we think men should know all about us by a certain age, then we are saying all women are alike and that is not true. Men need to know who we are individually and by knowing us this way, they can find out what makes each one of us special.

Some of the “10 Things” may be considered common sense to many, however, some men still miss the mark, so a reminder is always a good thing.

  1. Treat us well. If you don’t want men to treat your mother, sister, or daughter poorly, then why would you treat any woman badly? Most of us have men in our lives that care about how we are treated.
  2. Don’t try to fix us. For example, you may not like our hairstyle and you may be right, however, let us figure that out for ourselves. 
    • Trying to control us is never a good idea and most of us do not find that sexy.
    • If you want us to want you, then make us smile with your sincere charm instead of pointing the finger at us.
    • Do you want a partner?
    • Or a little girl?
    • Remember the lessons from your past mistakes. 
  3. Don’t whine about your job. If you hate your job because it’s not your passion or you don’t get paid enough, then work on getting your career and finances in order before you come looking for us.
    • Most women avoid whiners and unhappy men do not make good partners.
  4. Lying is NEVER the best policy. If you are unavailable or don’t want a relationship and just want sex, be upfront about it and let us know in advance so we can make an informed decision in the beginning.
    • We like surprises just not these kinds of surprises and consequently, neither would you.
    • So put yourself in our shoes for a moment and remember what goes around most definitely comes back around.
  5. No, we cannot do everything ourselves even though it looks that way. If you let us do everything without offering to help, be prepared for the fireworks because they will be coming your way when you least expect them.
  6. Most women like men who know how and when to take charge when it comes to planning events. Come up with an idea and make a plan; don’t ask us to do it.
    • It shows masculinity, the desire to spend quality time with us, ability to pull something together, and make decisions. 
    • Many of us see the ability to take charge (not controlling) as being very sexy in more ways than one.
  7. Attention is one of the things that most women crave and men should be aware that it affects some women’s self-esteem.
    • Low or lack of attention makes some women question your feelings towards them.
    • However, women should be secure within themselves but for some, that’s going to take a lot of work. 
  8. Fun. Most women like men that like to do things like drive up the coast, walk on the beach, see a romantic comedy, etc. If you want us to watch your sports games with you, do things with us as well.
  9. Don’t try to fix our problems unless we ask you to.  We understand that it’s in your nature to fix things, however, sometimes we just want to air our dirty laundry and leave it dirty for a while.
  10.  If you want to break up, be a grown-up and say so. You don’t need to cheat in order to get your message across; it’s tacky and we will think less about you in the end. 
    • Yes, we will be hurt either way, but one way shows courage, the other is just not cool.

Some women have difficulty speaking their minds due to low self-esteem and diminished self-confidence, therefore they leave themselves open to being treated badly because they are still learning to stand up for themselves. 

Many men know how to step up to the plate when it’s required of them if they really care about a woman. But, women sometimes need to give them a little push by telling them how they want to be treated and not tolerating anything less.