Why Change Is Not So Scary


Why change is not so scary because it will happen whether you want it to or not. There is no way to know but if you revisit the past you probably can find other times when you didn’t want to change but something happened that forced you to.

For example:

  1. Being laid off from a job you had no intention of leaving anytime soon.
  2. A boyfriend or husband suddenly broke up with you.
  3. The doctor told you that if you don’t change the way you eat and exercise more you’ll get diabetes.
  4. The car that you love and had for years died and you didn’t want to pay the money to get it fixed.
  5. Your roommate decides to move so you have to move too.
  6. You get kicked out of your parent’s home because they want you to grow up.
  7. Some of your friends stopped returning your calls so you had five friends now you only have two.

The point is that change happens all the time, so you must decide if you want changes to keep controlling your life or do you want to control the changes that happen in your life.

Change is a constant event because things are always changing if you pay attention:

  • People leave and new people come to your workplace all the time
  • Seasons change every year
  • Temperature changes all the time
  • Your mood changes
  •  In some relationships, partners change
  • You change your clothes every day
  • You may change your hairstyle frequently

So if you are stuck in a comfortable routine that you don’t really like but are afraid to change because you don’t know what to expect, you are missing life’s biggest lesson.

Life is all about change like having new experiences, learning new things, connecting with new people, and finding out new things about yourself.

Change is not so scary most of it is in your head.

People sometimes create stories inside of their heads so that they don’t have to step out of their comfort zones but we crave change all the time.

So what are you going to CHANGE in 2017?


  1. The job you dislike?
  2. The boyfriend who is not treating you right?
  3. The city that is not getting you the opportunities you want.
  4. The friends that do not have your back.
  5. The roommate is not a good match for you.
  6. A relationship because you’ve been alone too long.
  7. Earn more money because you are tired of being broke

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