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How To Boost Self-Esteem Today

5 Signs Your Self-Esteem Needs A Boost

 How To Boost Self-Esteem, It Controls Your Life

You are Beautiful, Special, and Powerful and you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel less! How to boost your self-esteem? Start by choosing great words to describe yourself.  

Most of us go through life not really thinking about our self-esteem. It wasn’t a topic for discussion around the dinner table, your mother probably didn’t say to you, “Hey baby, your self-esteem needs a little work.”

Admitting to yourself that you have low self-esteem can be stressful because it makes you have to deal with your truth. 

Therefore, we are unaware of how low self-esteem affects our lives and makes us miserable

Why is this?

Humans have a way of falling into routines, our habits become natural as walking and talking almost robotic so we can’t see certain things about ourselves unless we are paying close attention. If you haven’t learned some lessons you are likely repeating the same life year after year. This will hopefully snap you out of it if you are ready for a change.

5 Signs Your Self-Esteem Needs a Boost

  1. You avoid mirrors and or cameras due to:
    • Weight Gain
    • Bad Skin or
    • Aging
  2. Lying/hiding a specific aspect of your life for example: 
    • That you’re dating
    • Your marriage is good
    • An addiction problem
  3. Spending money you do not have
    • To buy things that make you feel better
    • To buy things to make others think a certain way about you
    • To buy things for others for them to like you
  4.  Sleeping with a man who won’t or can’t take you out on a date
    • Because he doesn’t have to, you don’t require it
    • Because he just wants you for sex but you really want more
    • Because he’s married and he doesn’t want you to know or you said you don’t care
  5.  You won’t leave that job you hate because you are too:
    • Comfortable in your miseryHow To Boost Self-Esteem Today 1
    • Lazy to look for a new one
    • Lost about what you really want to do or too scared to do it


    1. Be honest with yourself
    2. Figure out why and how a particular area has gotten out of control.
    3. Find something on your body that you think is beautiful.
    4. Don’t compare yourself to others. 
    5. Figure out your strengths and focus on them instead of your weaknesses. 
    6. Try something new, life is about exploration don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 
    7. Write your feelings inside of a journal daily so you’ll get the negativity out of your body.
    8. Write down something that you like about yourself and place it in the bathroom mirror and say it out loud every morning. The more you say it and believe it the better you’ll feel over time.
    9. Make time to do an activity that you love because it will make you feel good. The more you feel good the better you will feel about yourself.
    10. If you don’t like something about yourself change it; I know this sounds simple but most people don’t do it. Have you?