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50 Things Every Woman In Her 50s Should Have

50 things every women in her 50s should have

Who said a woman in her 50s is old? Age is just a number, so your life should not be based on it. This is the best time to get to know yourself. But unfortunately, society does not see the value in women as they age but that does not mean you should listen to them.

True value begins and ends with you, and others will follow your lead. Why fifty things? As you age your body and mind need extra help so don’t ignore them instead do everything you can to support them. Happiness is a choice and you deserve to be happy as you age.

50 Things Every Woman In Her 50s Should Have 1

50 things Every Woman in her 50s should have:

  1. Use a scale. Knowing your number gives you the power to change it. 
  2. A pair of expensive shoes that make you feel like you can take over the world. As you get older, you should get in the habit of acquiring the things you want and deserve.
  3. A favorite low-carb treat so if you need comfort food this will be your go-to treat. It’s not fun feeling guilty after having a delicious snack or dessert.
  4. Use Retinol A for facial rejuvenation. As your skin ages, it will need extra help.
  5. Drink Bone Broth often to replenish your collagen which depletes as you age.
  6. A pair of jeans that fit well and make you feel sexy.
  7. A black blazer that fits your body because it goes with everything.
  8. A meal plan for good nutrition will fuel your body while maintaining bones and muscles.
  9. Anti-aging moisturizer because your skin needs help to keep it looking its best for as long as possible.
  10. Underwear that fits correctly, you should not wear things that make you feel uncomfortable or do not look good under your clothing.
  11. A workout routine, whether that is walking or more, you need to keep your body moving to maintain it for the years to come.
  12. A life assessment to see where you have been, where you are going and the mistakes you’ve made so you won’t repeat them now or in the future. Use this as an opportunity to get to know yourself better.
  13. A sense of humor keeps the stress in check and stops you from taking yourself too seriously.
  14. Anything you ever wanted but did not think you deserved. For example, a new car, a younger boyfriend, etc.
  15. A good doctor listens to your health issues and works with you to solve the problems.
  16. An investment account to save for your future, don’t get caught with aging issues and no money to solve them.
  17. A self-care routine to form a habit of taking care of yourself. Self-love is the most important aspect of a woman’s life.
  18. Kindness is positive energy. Negative energy can have consequences that you will not like.
  19. The best bed you can buy because a good night’s sleep helps the mind and body.
  20. A good relationship with yourself because you are the one person you can’t say goodbye to. If you do not love, respect, and cherish yourself who will.
  21. Something that creates joy and/or peace such as gardening, ceramics, volunteering, yoga, etc.
  22. A plan for your future so you can accomplish your goals and live the life you deserve.
  23. A supportive friend with whom you can enjoy each other’s company and share one another’s struggles.
  24. A fun list with activities you’ve always wanted to do but never took the time to do them. Life is about experiences so give yourself permission to have them and your life will be more enjoyable.
  25. Getting a white smile by using a whitening kit or dental treatment will increase your confidence, and you’ll smile more often.
  26. A pair of dumbbells to help you maintain your strength so you can age gracefully.
  27. A heating pad for aches and pains.
  28. Non-toxic makeup reduces the number of chemicals going into your body.
  29. An organizational strategy for your home so clutter doesn’t take over your life. A chaotic environment can create a chaotic mind.
  30. Mineral sunscreen protects your skin from the sun and it’s less toxic than regular sunscreen. Reduce your toxic load wherever you can.
  31. Know what you need to be fulfilled in life. Sometimes what you want is not what you need.
  32. Blood Sugar Monitor if you are prediabetic or have diabetes.
  33. A dream that can create meaning so you have a reason to wake up in the morning.
  34. Find your personal style based on what makes you feel the most confidence. Clothing is an extension of your personality, it can make you shine or feel invisible.
  35. Something exquisite, a piece of jewelry, a painting, etc.
  36. Find yourself, you that was most confident, fun, and adventurous.
  37. A living trust so all of your final affairs are in order. This helps to keep unnecessary drama from happening within your family.
  38. A debt reduction plan if you are in debt. Debt is one of the most stressful things anyone can deal with especially as you age.
  39. A car you love to drive, but make sure it does not increase your debt burden. Trying to find a car that you buy with cash.
  40. Healthy eating habits that help your body stay healthy and strong for the future. It is one thing to have a nutritional plan but sticking to it can be difficult for some. So if you adopt good eating habits then it becomes easier over time.
  41. Hope because no matter what is going on in the world or closer to home, it’s always there as long as you are breathing.
  42. Growth should be a lifelong goal because it helps you enjoy life.
  43. Learning keeps your mind young and up-to-date with the changes happening in the world.
  44. Belief in yourself is the only way to create the life you want.
  45. A retirement plan and or a plan to start a new career/dream after the old career ends.
  46. The confidence to not care what others think because they do not take care of you.
  47. Good balance to keep you from falling in the future. There are balance exercises you can do now that take a few minutes to do every morning.
  48. Patience so that you can keep your stress level low.
  49. An understanding that the only person you can control is yourself.
  50. Having a life instead of a mundane routine on auto-pilot which consists of friends and new experiences. The fun list you create will help break up the monotony.

As you age, your body will experience changes that you will not like, but luckily there are things that can be done to minimize discomfort and retain youthfulness.