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10 Signs Your Daughter Has Low Self-Esteem

10 Signs Your Daughter Has Low Self-Esteem 1

Having low self-esteem affects every area of your life because you’ll make decisions from a place of self-doubt which makes you feel that you are not good enough or you don’t deserve to have what you want. 

Unfortunately, as a culture, we don’t spend enough time on this topic instead most of us just try to hide our true feelings about ourselves by using things like humor, making up stories, food, people-pleasing, chasing men, ridiculing others, etc. Also having low self-esteem could lead to depression which can affect your daughter’s social interactions causing her to be stressed, lonely and isolated. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the signs and most are subtle. 

10 Signs Your Daughter Has Low Self-Esteem:

  1. She doesn’t always tell the truth
  2. She wears a jacket even when it’s extremely hot
  3. She craves extreme attention 
  4. She won’t try anything new
  5. She bullies her peers or siblings for no reason
  6. She always complains about her body
  7. She has a very hard time dealing with disappointments
  8. She very disrespectful to others including adults
  9. She doesn’t like looking in the mirror
  10. She allows others to treat her badly

Life is so busy today, and because of that, you may miss so many things that are going on around you. Sometimes, you know there is something wrong but may not know how to fix it especially if you are dealing with your own challenges. But the healing of any kind does not have to take place alone, the family can heal together.

But first, you have to acknowledge that your daughter(s) and maybe even you need healing before anything can change for the better. But if you choose to ignore the signs it may cause your daughter a lifetime of suffering because having low self-esteem can cause her to make poor choices that can have unforeseen consequences.

Ways to Heal:

  1. Admit that there is a problem.
  2. Figure out what might be causing the problem (weight issues, abandonment issues, bullying, abuse).
  3. Once you’ve identified the problem start by coming up with a plan (provide better nutrition, find fun physical activities for the family to do together, go to family therapy).
  4. Find fun mother and daughter things to do like going to the nail shop, spa, hair salon, things that will make her feel beautiful.
  5. Make sure you compliment and encourage her often, words matter, and your words matter the most.
  6. Listen to her when she speaking not to just give her advice but to understand her. I worked with teens for years and one of their biggest complaints is that their parents don’t listen or don’t believe them. If they can’t trust you then who can they trust? If you don’t give your children a safe space to talk to you then they will seek help from others that you may not approve of.

If you see that your daughter is suffering but won’t talk to you then find a way to reach her. You know her better than she knows herself if she needs help then get her the help she needs.

Please don’t think it will just go away at some point, it might get better over time or it might get worse. If it gets worse guess who will be having sleepless nights?

No one should live with pain regardless of what caused it, seek help, and don’t live in silence because we are all going through something so none of us have to be alone. In life, we are all here together so reach out for help when you needed.

Forgive yourself if that is the reason you are suffering in silence because life is always shorter than we think so don’t waste it being in pain. If you are also suffering from something that hasn’t been resolved from your childhood, your daughter can feel that energy and energy can be shared.