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Goal Setting For Women To Achieve Success In Life And Love

Goal Setting For Women To Acheive Succes in Life and Love


Why is Goal setting for women to achieve success in life and love important? What is the purpose of a goal? To take you from where you are to where you want to be. But in order to be successful at goal-setting what do you need to know?  There are frustrations, situations, issues, and circumstances that may be blocking you from getting what you want.

Trying to figure out what you want to do with your life can be stressful but it is necessary for a better future.

Frustration Issues:

  • Feeling devalued at work
  • Feeling a lack of appreciation at home
  • The need for more money
  • Debt is making you feel trapped in your job
  • Not feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Feeling like a loser
  • Feeling lost
  • Feeling unhealthy
  • Feeling out of control
  • Feeling ugly or old
  • Feeling lonely

Are you at a point in your life where you are just settling for whatever you have even though you know it’s not enough? Remember the lessons you’ve learned so far so you won’t keep making the same mistakes. 

Due you Suffer from not Enough

  • Money
  • Respect
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Attention
  • Good friendships
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence

What are you hiding from yourself or others? Do you put on a happy face because you want to fit in with the crowd? Do you allow men and women to treat you less than you deserve?

We all have a story

As a woman, I too have dealt with low-paying jobs working in the social service field, but I’ve also had higher-paying jobs that I hated.  For instance, my career in social service allowed me to give back, making me feel like I was doing something important. Also, I worked with a lot of single mothers just like me so I could relate to their struggles.  However, my lifestyle suffered, I had to work two jobs to make ends meet and debt was weighing me down. Student loan debt is the one that has haunted me the most because I didn’t really need it to pay for my degree. Can you relate?

One of my goals is to make a living as a director (film, series, television, music videos), but I’ve spent most of my time in social service and filmmaking. Success was fleeting, due to my low self-esteem, self-confidence, and lack of focus, also I didn’t put myself out there enough until now.  The world of entertainment is hard, especially for women but I can’t let that stop me from achieving my goal.

Are you ready to work hard to achieve your goal?

Name Your Struggles

Why? Acknowledgment is the first step to change. I know it’s easier to pretend certain things don’t exist than you don’t have to deal with the “situation” until it gets really bad.


  1. The weight you hate
  2. The pain you feel occasionally
  3. The hair loss that bothers you
  4. A bad relationship is better than being alone
  5. The person you haven’t forgiven
  6. The overspending that created the debt
  7. The bad food that makes you tired
  8. The cheating partner that you ignore
  9. The job that keeps you up every Sunday night
  10. The fear of being criticized by others
  11. The lines that have appeared on your face

We’ve all been there at some point in order to avoid pain, we avoid dealing with the problem.  As we know, not dealing with something just makes things worst. Here’s the thing you can change almost everything on the blues list if you want to or you can settle for whatever ever happens.

We all know we should have goals in life but our STUFF keeps getting in the way. 

Pleasure is always better than pain. What pleasures do you like?

  • Eating good food that doesn’t make you gain weight
  • Traveling around the world without having to worry about money
  • Wearing beautiful clothes that make you feel sexy 
  • Meeting the man of your dreams

Women generally fit into three love categories:

  1. Always single
  2. Always in a relationship
  3. In and out of relationships

In some cases, you may have experienced all three in different stages of your life. Which category are you in now? 

If you are a person that has always been single there’s a reason why and you need to explore your past and your beliefs to figure out why. It’s not Goal Setting For Women To Achieve Success In Life And Love 1because of the way you look, it’s something much deeper. 

Or it’s not on the top of your priority list so you don’t put out the energy needed to meet someone. Let’s face the fact if all you do is work unless you meet him at work, you’re going to stay single. My favorite excuse for being single used to be “I’m too picky.” Have you heard that one before?


Goal Setting For Women

Therefore, to answer the above question, what do you need to succeed at goal-setting?Goal Setting For Women To Achieve Success In Life And Love 2 A drum roll is an ultimate goal/big goal but you can’t create one if you don’t know what you want.  Additionally, a big goal will take a while to achieve this is why you have a lot of smaller goals leading up to it. A pattern I noticed while working with a lot of women is settling for whatever happens in their lives. 

Reasons for settling:

  1. It’s easier than changing 
  2. Feeling that you don’t deserve a better life
  3. Having low self-esteem but not realizing it
  4. Don’t feel you are smart enough to do anything else
  5. Certain tasks are “too much” work
  6. Don’t have enough resources
  7. Don’t know what I want to do with your life

Settling can become a person’s biggest regret because you’ve spent your whole life not driving the car you really want, not living in the apartment/house you really want, and not wearing clothes really you like.  Instead, everything in your life has always about surviving versus living. Some lie to themselves by saying having nice things don’t matter is that true for you. 

There are ways to have what you want, you just need to know what that is and make it a goal. If you don’t plan for things, they probably will never happen. 

NEED HELP? Get a FREE Goal Setting For Women Guide to Goal Setting For Womenhelp you figure out who you are and what you want so you can stop settling for a life that makes you unhappy. 


Now, it’s time to be, do, live and love yourself better.


Take the time to learn more about yourself because you’re worth it.

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