8 Simple Goals In Life

As humans, we think life has to be complicated which makes it stressful. Things that we can’t control (government, economy, other people, the weather) can be complicated but if we work on our Emotional Intelligent (controlling and understanding our emotions) life can be rather simple. 

8 Simple Goals In Life

1. Always Be Learning About You

The better you know your needs, habits, and wants the better life decisions you will make. As we all know life is about choices and they have rewards and consequences. However, don’t be too hard on yourself, remember you are a product of a lot of things some not within your control.

The things you don’t like about yourself you can work on changing, but some things you will have to make peace with even if you don’t like (height, skin color, race).

Embrace your differences instead of trying to be like everyone else, that is so cliche and boring, you are not the Borg (star trek voyage species) to me they are the scariest villains ever created. The idea of being and thinking like everyone else is equivalent to being trapped in a nightmare. It’s like manufacturing people, how scary is that (the Matrix).

2. Choose your friends wisely

We can’t choose our families but we can choose our friends. They can be supportive, unsupportive, jealous, use you and get you involved in unwanted drama.

They can waste a lot of your precious time and later you find out, they were doing things behind your back. 

If you have low self-esteem some so-called friends will prey on your niceness to get you to help them with everything.

They will have events and somehow your invitation didn’t make it to your inbox, or maybe it went to spam, right. 

3. Learn to listen and trust your instincts

If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right, and don’t let others talk you into it. If you let your “friends” or family talk you into something that’s uncomfortable you could pay the price for years so don’t be a people pleaser when your life, money, or freedom is on the line. 

4. Think about what you like before choosing a job

So you may have chosen jobs because they were easy to get, regardless of the salary, and without thinking about longevity. Paying the bills is important but doing something you like is as well. 

There are times when you have no choice because your roof may disappear above your head. But, if you allow yourself to be/feel trapped after years of poor treatment, low-pay it’s because you haven’t created goals for your life. Remember, hours are one of the things you can’t replace.

Things to think about when choosing a job:

  • Commute time
  • Job hours
  • Job duties versus pay
  • Your current skill set
  • Your goals
  • Your self-esteem

Do you take two buses or drive an hour drive each way? If so, is the job paying enough for the time you are losing? If the job hours are long and will interfere with other important things in your life such as family. If the job duties are hard and you receive little pay. Do you have skills that can earn you more than the jobs you’re applying for? 

Does the job help get close to your ultimate goal if you have one? Everyone should have a goal, if not, you might spend a lot of years in miserable jobs just to survive. Look around you, don’t you see a lot of people living that way. Low self-esteem is very important because it may be holding you back from applying for higher-paying jobs that have a future.

8 Simple Goals In Life 1

5. Forgive, release and move forward

Along your journey, you will encounter people who will not treat you the way you deserve and the interaction may leave a deep emotional scar. If you let the scar fester instead of choosing to heal it will affect other areas of your life which can create misery.

Forgiving is healing, it’s not for the other person but for yourself. The main person you may need to forgive is yourself. If you choose to hold onto the past instead of releasing it may affect your health, relationships, and prosperity.

8 Simple Goals In Life 2

6. Choose your significant other carefully

If you pick the wrong person this can be a very miserable experience for a long time especially if there are kids involved. The process of getting married is fun but being married is a different experience if you did it for the wrong reasons or let emotions lead your thinking. Pay attention to small behaviors because they will grow larger after marriage.

8 Simple Goals In Life 3

7. Limit your regrets

Learn to develop fearlessness so no one can stop you from getting what you really want. How many people do you know who have regrets and they may not even be in there later years? At the end of it all, will you think about what you didn’t do with your life?

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