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13 Best Female Game Characters

Best Female Game Characters

These best female game characters are brilliant, agile, entertaining, and excellent in their roles. Female game characters are diverse and there are too many to name them all. Here are the thirteen best female game characters.

  1. Jaya – Escape Jaya 1 & 2

She is a hero who fights injustice whenever she finds it. In the game, she fights hard to save her friends from some bad guys who kidnapped them. They must escape before bad things happen.

Bad things can happen and you have to know how to protect yourself because danger can lurk everywhere. It’s her mission to help women become stronger so they can protect themselves from harm. Play the game

2. Lora Croft – Tomb raider

If you are a gaming fan, this character needs almost no introduction. To begin with, she has acquired the title of ‘the first lady of gaming. This is because two Oscar winners have portrayed her and she has won many hearts. If you are looking for an adventurous archaeologist, no one does it better. She plays her role like no other.

3. Bangalore – Apex Legends

One thing you will notice about this female character is that her attire is not that fancy. At least we can judge her from a feminine protagonist’s perspective. But this does not remove anything from her heroin nature. She is a no-nonsense soldier on a mission. She makes a rock-solid opponent you don’t want to meet. Her role involves confusing the enemy by running around the enemy’s territory. Then launching the exploding attack.

4. Chun-Li – Street Fighter

Whenever we play video games, the male protagonist comes as the hero all the time. They come on the scene to save the day and clean up some mess. For now, let’s say that Chun-Li came onto the scene to smash such stereotypes.

She is so good at it that when she came on the screen under street fighter, a turning moment was born. It came to light that female protagonists can be a good choice too. They are as brilliant as their male counterparts.

5. Elena – Street Fighter

This character has entered the top thirteen for a particular reason. It is because of her skillful use of the Brazilian Afro-dancing fighting style. This is a skill that you can only perform with leg movements. It requires flawless fluidity to execute.

She has used it well in her role and it seems to have worked in her favor. Not only do the movements make a unique style, but she also wins her fights.

6.  Lola – Afterparty

Lola moves away from the world of endless kicking butts. She is a social activist on a mission to get social justice. In the process, she ends up trapped in a situation. But how does she make the whole episode intriguing? In this case, the drama series features smart narratives that are entertaining. She is a female with brains. Ready to take on her challenges?

7. Commander Shepard – Mass effect

What makes this character unique is that she has won the hearts of many gamers. That is why she was voted into the Hall of Fame as an all-time favorite. Another special aspect you might enjoy about the character is that you can play them as male or female.

8.  Chell – Portal

One distinct feature you will notice about Chell is her unique orange suit. This is not a suit you can buy from stores. The jumpsuit helps her with excellent agility. To make the character even more interesting, she acts without saying a word. She might consider talking a waste of time.

9.  Joana Dark – Perfect Dark

If you like games with sharpshooters, this is the one for you. She is so good at it that analysts compare her to legendary shooters in movies like James Bond. She is poetry in action whenever you play the game.

10. Cere Junda – Star Wars

This is an intriguing character behind an interesting story. She is not the main character, but she has a huge role to play in the success of the mission at hand. She survives daring stunts and situations. She is a strong black woman on a mission. She means business whenever she appears.

11. Clementine – The Walking Dead

This game makes for an intriguing story with several twists along the way. But what makes it more dramatic is that the protagonist is a father. As usual, the father is working hard to raise his daughter in a world full of danger. To help her survive, he has to teach her to kill zombies. She not only manages to master the skill but also comes out strong and fearless.

12. Shodan – System shock

Shodan takes a different approach altogether. You will enjoy it if you are into shocker games. We are talking about games that leave you terrified and looking over your shoulders. She comes out with her evil acts which are shocking and terrifying for the average player. But for horror-action fanatics, it is a mere game with nothing but an adventure.

13. Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

Now this time, we are talking about a star with a special skill. She is a bomb expert with gifted hands. She does not loiter around when it is time for action. She understands what is at stake. In her intriguing nature, she managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records. In other words, she is in the top fifty video games of all time.

In Conclusion

There are a few things you can appreciate about female characters their sassiness and attention to detail. Also, they keep their eye on the business at hand whether it’s saving a group of people or fighting for survival

The most important fact is these female protagonists are exciting. They add to the fun and creativity of the game. But it all depends on which category of games you enjoy. Rest assured you will have enough variety to pick from. Try them out today!