Why Is It Important to Have Goals In Life?

Why is it important to have goals in life?

Without goals, you have no direction to follow making you susceptible to anything or anyone that comes along. Also, some people can be easily influenced by others when they are lost and generally the outcome has far-reaching consequences. 

The thing about consequences, they may not show up for years but when they come knocking, hiding won’t be an option. 

I remember deciding to go to college, I knew my major and that someday I wanted to be an entrepreneur that makes movies but at the time, my only goal was to finish college. While in college, my marketing professor told me that I wouldn’t succeed at making movies about women. Even then, I didn’t define any clear steps to achieving my goal. Why? Because I didn’t really understand the process until I was introduced via DVDs to Tony Robbins. 

Goals without an action plan/steps to achieve them won’t get you very far in life. 

However, I still didn’t fully understand that I needed a large very specific goal then I would need to create smaller ones as stair steps. Therefore, most of my goals didn’t take me very far. Achieving goals is one thing but becoming successful is something else. If you don’t have any goals you will travel through life with direction and that will keep your life overly stressful.

Life will help you if you pay attention. Now it’s time to figure out your big goal. 

Large goal: Make Movies/Games/Series with amazing female characters that have a strong message and shoot them all over the world.

5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Have Goals In Life

1. A sense of purpose

Having goals gives you a sense of purpose because as you develop goals they will eventually become bigger than you.  Life can be long and boring if all you do is work to pay bills and survive. Why am I here? Is a question we all ask at some point along our journey. I believe every living thing has a purpose or it won’t be living. So what’s yours? 

2. A sense of accomplishment

As you achieve your goals, you should feel a sense of accomplishment as you move your life closer to where you want it to be. It gives you a reason to celebrate which should lead to more happiness. The primary sources of happiness are growth and progress without them you’re just standing still. 

3. Improving your self-esteem and self-confidence

As you see your life improving and see how others respond to you, this will cause you to feel better about yourself and increase your ability to achieve more. A lot of women are suffering from low self-esteem and are not aware of it. It will affect all your decisions and block your progress in life. Low self-esteem is hidden behind excuses, negative talk, and jealousy/envy. 

4. Improving the quality of your life

If you don’t have any goals you might find yourself stuck in dead-end jobs that make no money and diminishes the quality of your life. When you don’t have enough money to pay your bills then you have to settle for what you can afford (apartment, car, clothes, roommate). Additionally, your life will become all about your money problems and what you can’t do, where is the fun in that. 

5. Having the freedom of choice

When you set goals for yourself, they can be anything you desire and should be as large as possible. Why? An ultimate goal will take longer to accomplish but think about how much you will learn and grow during the process. If you settle for a nine to five unless you love it you’ll spend most of your life miserable or job-hopping trying to figure out who you are or want you really want.

Instead, figure out what you love and then figure out how to make money doing that thing. The job market is changing and AI will bring huge job losses and opportunities but you have to be aware to take advantage or create new ideas. 

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