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Love and Business

Love and Business

Can you successfully handle Love and Business?

The challenge is that they both take time, energy, and focus. So how does one focus on two things at once? Love requires communication and quality creative moments that will last a long time in the heart and mind of your partner. Business requires strategic planning, and balancing work with play.

We all want to be successful at everything we do, however, it’s a challenge to do everything well when your attention is split.  So, you will need to spend some time planning and putting in the effort.

Most of us probably don’t think about how to mix Love and Business successfully even though we live in a time where we are trying to juggle multiple things at once. Instead, of trying to do both, a lot of women just spend years alone while focusing on building their business that may or may not be a success.

Tips for Mixing Love and Business:

  1. Get to know your partner well so you will know how to add spice to your relationship. Sometimes we choose individuals based on feelings, physical appearance, and needs without really knowing if we genuinely “like” the person’s character.
    • Also, knowing what your partner likes and dislikes, in order to discover these things you must first “care” and then ask questions, listen and observe.
    • This is hard to do if you are wrapped up only in Business.
    • Business is important but your values and beliefs will determine which one is more important.
  2. Be careful not to let your business take over your life. Letting your business take over your life can and will diminish the quality of yourStop being Negative life, relationship, and health.
    • Instead, think of smart practices that will allow you to free up your time.
    • Most of us were socialized to believe you have to work hard, but with technology, a little ingenuity, and learning to ask for help, we can work smarter.
    • One of my favorite sayings is: if there is a will, there is a way.
  3. We are human therefore we will make mistakes Sometimes we get too focused on one and neglect the other.
    • To avoid this, place reminders in areas of your home and office that you pay close attention to or frequent often.
    • For example, in your bathroom, your bedroom, on your outlook (it has a built-in reminder), on your car’s dashboard you may put a note reminding you to send flowers; take lunch to his or her job and add a sweet note.
    • Trust us, it’s worth the trouble if you want to have a genuine relationship that lasts longer than most others you know.
  4. Give and receive. If we give, in most cases, others specifically your partner, will give back.
    • That person will feel special and loved so you can imagine how he or she will make you feel.
    • It’s okay to take the initiative even if your partner is not giving you what you need at the time.
    • Special note: Head massages are a wonderful way to destress your Partner especially while they are watching TV or when you want to distract them.
    • Try it! Who knows what wonderful things will ensue afterward?
  5. Remember to build a solid foundation in business and in love.  How? First, you have to take a look at who you are and where your passions lie.
    • Here is where honesty is the big key!  If you like to redesign your bedroom once a month and you have a lot of fun doing it, then there’s a good chance that interior design is a least one of your passions.
    • But, if you are building a graphic design business then is that another one of your passions?
    • If not, why are you doing it?
    • A solid foundation starts with being honest with yourself about what you love doing and how can you build a business around it; and what type of qualities you need in a man that would fit the lifestyle you are creating for yourself.
    • A solid foundation for a relationship also lies in knowing your personality, what you need from another human being and what you are willing to give, then communicating that to the person you are interested to see if you two make a good match.

You Deserve Love

I believe you can have it all, however, you need good planning, lots of reminders, and business systems in place that can be set on autopilot so you can enjoy what a happy, loving relationship has to offer.

So don’t avoid experiencing Love and Business simultaneously! Instead, just learn how to effectively juggle them both without dropping one. Need help click here