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How to Get Over A Breakup (Updated)

How to get over a break up


How to Get Over a Breakup

It can take a while but here are a few steps to get you started.

  1. Crying helps you release emotions which is healthy for the body.
  2. Talk it out! Sharing your feelings with someone you trust to protect them.
  3. Stop all communication with the person unless you have children together or your feelings are under control. If you want to yell at the person you can but consider how you will feel afterward (better, sadder, embarrassed, ashamed).
  4. Definitely, do not sleep with your ex! This will not help you instead it will keep in you a cycle that could last for years.
  5. Don’t share information with mutual friends instead take a break from them until your emotions are under control.
  6. Have a bonfire party with close friends and write down the feelings you need to get rid of on small pieces of paper then watch them burn. For example, I love the way he used to kiss or He made me so angry when he did…  The quicker you release, the quicker you can move on.
  7. Journal writing helps you release things that you are not comfortable saying to others, that you forgot to burn or you are still in pain and you need some relief.

If you don’t process and then release the pain of Heartbreak, you will take it to your next relationship and you’ll just repeat the same cycle over and over.

Heartbreak is something every human experiences so there’s really no way to avoid it unless you don’t allow yourself to connect on a deeper level with another human being and that would make for a very lonely life journey.

There is nothing like the feeling of being IN LOVE. The whole world seems brighter, there is an inner glow that everyone can see on the outside of your face because you are happy.

But then, Heartbreak Happens, and the pain is so bad that you’re left wondering How To Get Over A Breakup.

HOW TO GET OVER A BREAKUP is Journal Writing Exercise that walks you through the Healing Process. Sometimes a little help is all you need to return to your Happy, Fun, and Beautiful.

The point of this is NOT to avoid heartbreak, but rather to avoid setting yourself up for it.

So, if you dare, take a look at your past relationships and ask yourself if YOUR choices and actions contributed to your heartbreak.

So consider the Top 10 reasons Why Preventable Heartbreak Happens:

1. You date Men desperately out of loneliness and or being needy.
2. You start rationalizing and making excuses for his and your bad behaviors.
3. You engage in sexual activity before you have established that the two of you are in a committed relationship.
4. You sleep with Married or Unavailable Men.
5. You continue to be involved with a Man AFTER he’s been disrespectful or abusive to you.
6. You continue to be involved with a man after he’s passed something to you that requires medication to treat.
7. You constantly break up and get back together hoping this time will be different, but you don’t make different choices or change what you’ve been doing.
8. You get pregnant by a man who is very immature or that is unavailable.
9. You take care of a man like you are his mother, not his woman.
10. You are NEVER satisfied no matter what a man does for you.
(Bonus) You get involved in rebound relationships, where either you just got out of a relationship or he did.

Almost every woman falls prey to the guy that we let sweep us off our feet, ignoring both our intuition and instincts.

Maybe he’s the fantasy guy for you: handsome, tall & successful, and you didn’t listen to the warning in your head.

Or maybe you were sad, and lonely and couldn’t see or didn’t want to see the flags.

Everyone tells you who they are if you pay attention.

Unfortunately, at the end of every bad relationship, when he leaves, he takes a bit of your soul which damages your self-esteem.

Protecting your self-esteem is important because long after he’s gone you will still have to deal with her. She can make your life miserable because she’ll keep allowing you to do things that are not in your best interest.

It IS possible to have a great relationship and even though a couple may begin to evolve separately over time and then become distant and break up, if both parties are communicating and respecting each other, there will still be heartbreak, however, bitterness can be avoided.

How to Get Over a Breakup is a Printable Journal Entry that guides you through the tough process of detoxifying so you can move on with your life after a breakup.

In most cases, this process is hard and some women get stuck in the negative breakup stage for years because they do not detoxify. This can stop you from having a positive healthy relationship in the future.

The ability to Design your future is in your hands, but first, you have to believe it.

It’s your life why not make it the way you want it to be.

Time is going by so fast and you are probably very busy. But you must take some time for yourself in order to build the most important relationship you will ever have, the one with yourself.

If you don’t know yourself or know what you want, how can you choose a man who is right for you; remember, you matter so treat yourself like you do because people treat you the way you treat yourself.

Don’t spend another minute stuck in the pain instead start working on CREATING A BETTER YOU.

Sometimes you may need to get therapy to improve your self-esteem after a breakup.