30 Ways To Thank You

If You Don’t Forgive You And Love You Who Will

30 Ways to say Thank You 

  1. For aging well
  2. For keeping yourself Energetic, Youthful, and healthy self
  3. For realizing you were making Bad Choices and working on yourself to fix that
  4. For caring about your body enough to remove processed food and sugar from your Diet
  5. Journal Writing because it was an important part of your healing process30 Ways To Thank You 1
  6. For learning how to say “No” to things that were harmful to you
  7. For learning how to Standup for yourself when necessary
  8. For no longer allowing others to mistreat you
  9. For having the courage to go after your Dream
  10. For finally looking at your Whole Self in the Mirror
  11. For finally, listen to your Instincts before getting into a Relationship
  12. For keeping your Adventurous Spirit.
  13. For Requiring a Relationship before sharing your Body with a Man
  14. For Forgiving yourself for Your Past Mistakes
  15. For Forgiving the Men (family and romantic) that hurt you so you don’t have to carry around painful baggage.
  16. For knowing when to let go of Friends that did not Value you
  17. For being excited about allowing yourself to be Financial Successful
  18. For not Giving Up even when times were really Hard
  19. For doing what was necessary even when you didn’t want to
  20. For Realizing I don’t know everything thereby being open to learning from others
  21. For Realizing that being alone is better than being in a Bad Relationship
  22. For being able to wear my Natural Hair
  23. For not allowing what Others think of me to affect my Life
  24. For Loving the Skin I’m In
  25. For not Letting my Shyness get in the way of New Experiences
  26. For being open to discovering and enjoying other Cultures
  27. For having the desire to Travel the World
  28. For knowing when to keep Information to yourself
  29. For Learning How to Spend Money Wisely
  30. For Believing in me when nobody else does

So, now it’s your turn to write 30 Ways to Say Thanks to You.

It feels good to acknowledge, respect, and love yourself.

Get out a piece of paper or your Journal and start working on the most important relationship the one you have with yourself.

10 lies you tell yourself

You can’t run from you know matter what you do!

These ways to say Thank You remind you that you have done a lot of things right in your life and you should celebrate that.