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What To Do When He Sees You As More Than A Friend

What To Do When He Sees You As More Than A Friend 1


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Can he really be MORE THAN A FRIEND? Yes. In life, there are always signs that will let you know something is changing but you have to pay attention. Some may think that your best male friend might make the perfect relationship partner, but you don’t know until you’ve crossed that line.

If you have concerns talk about them before moving forward, ignoring them won’t make them go away instead they tend to become the elephant in the room. This can cause stress because you want to keep your precious friendship but you may be interested in more as well. 

Friendships only between men and women can be rare for some women but others have a lot of male friends. But, one or more of those friendships might lead to something more.


  1. He spends more time with you than anyone else
  2. He talks about other women to get your feedback because he wants to see your reaction
  3. He wants to know more about you
  4. He calls you most of the time
  5. He can’t keep his hands off you
  6. The way he looks at you.
  7. He has unexplained jealousy
  8. He flirts with you constantly
  9. He’s always smiling when he’s around you
  10. He takes care of you more than a friend should
  11. He compliments you
  12. He remembers your stories
  13. He respects you
  14. He takes you to nice places
  15. He introduces you to other important people in his life

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More Than A Friend

Relationships of all kinds can get complicated and when dealing with a friend that you are attracted to but not sure if he likes you back proceed cautiously.


  • You are FABULOUS
  • You are worthy of LOVE
  • You are POWERFUL

You can’t make someone have feelings for you. But you can change the interactions between the two of you. And the right kinds of interactions can force him to see you in a different light.

But this will only work if you start using this special type of interaction with him BEFORE another woman locks herself into the one open seat where this kind of interaction is possible.

Women and men speak different languages so the more you know about how to talk to the friend you are interested in the better chances you have of winning him over. This may help you get over to possible complications

  • Being clear about where this relationship is headed from the beginning helps to eliminate confusion later.
  • Make sure your future wants are compatible so no one ends on the losing end later by giving up what he or she wants.
  • Be open to seeing who he really is by doing more listening than talking.
  • Talk about if this doesn’t work out can you go back to being “just friends.”

Be FEARLESS and know whatever happens it will help you grow for a purpose.


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