7 Ways To Set Goals and Crush Them Every Day

Why do we set goals?

  • Because we are chasing dreams and in order to reach those dreams they require steps to get there. But in order to set goals and crush them, we must have a strong desire to achieve something, if not, your excitement will start to fizzle as soon as things get hard.
  • Here’s the thing, if you don’t set goals and crush them today, what will your tomorrow look like? Probably the same as today, if you’re not happy with today then it’s time to make some changes.
  • Make a list of the things you don’t like about your life to give you the motivation you need to start this new journey.
  • This exercise can be stressful so don’t beat yourself help if you realize some of the mistakes you have made. 

7 Ways To Set Goals and Crush Them Every Day

1. Write down your Ultimate Goal

Make it the wallpaper on your phone. Why? Let’s face the facts you probably spend most of your time looking at your phone. The wallpaper is to keep your eyes on your ultimate prize.  Also, life is filled with distractions which can cause you to forget about your dreams/goals to help others but your phone will constantly remind you. Women, especially struggle with wanting to be helpful to others and in some cases, to our detriment. 

2. Write down 3 goals to focus on

The purpose of these goals is to get you closer to your ultimate goal. These goals should be simple and easy to accomplish in a short period of time.


Ultimate Goal: To start an Online Business

  • Goal #1 – Research business ideas
  • Goal #2 – Decide what to sell (digital products, e-commerce, or services)
  • Goal #3 – Research platforms to use (Amazon, Etsy, eBay, build your own website)

The reason these goals should be simple is you need to have success early so it will give you the motivation to keep going. Let’s face reality, there are many excuses you can use not to follow through especially if you have a full-time job and a family. Remember life’s lessons they will help you along the way. 


  1. Too busy
  2. Too tired
  3. Not a good time
  4. Not sure what to do
  5. I don’t feel like doing it today

3. Create a mantra with your Ultimate goal 

Memorize your mantra and say it daily, it will give you constant encouragement and you can sing it like a song. Songs get stuck in your subconscious forever thereby causing you to stay focused on the road ahead. This may seem weird but it helps rewire your thinking about what you are capable of accomplishing.  Try it to see if it works for you. 

4. Spend at least 1 hour per day 

To crush your goals you have to spend 1 hour or more a day working on the small goals. After completing one goal you can add another this will move you forward faster.  We all live somewhat busy lives but if you break down your daily life you may discover that you waste more time than you think. 

Take a week and record everything you do from the time you wake until you go to sleep in a journal to see how much leisure time you really have. 

5. List 5 things you don’t like about your life

Make a list of 5 things you don’t like about your life as it is today.  This will help you find meaning in why you need to work so hard to change your circumstances.  So when you don’t feel like working on your goals look at your list to remind you what’s at stake. 

6. Figure out who you really are

This might sound strange but sometimes we create plans for our lives based on what others such as parents want for us because they missed their chance or they want to feel proud. But, who are you really? What makes you smile during your free time or what do you take pride in?

A lot of people spend money on college then go into the workforce and decide they don’t want to pursue the career they have spent four or more years studying. Let’s not forget about the cost of going to college and how that can weigh on your back for years maybe even a lifetime. Why does this happen? Because people do not know themselves. The moral of this story is don’t spend years working towards goals that will make you miserable just because they make money or someone told you to do it.  This is your life make it the way YOU want it to be. 

Journaling is a great way to discover who you really are. Start documenting your journey, you’ll be able to see patterns in your behavior that may be causing your life to hard. This information will allow you to make the right changes in your life

7.  Fight like Fire

When the going gets tough, you keep on going because you need to fight like fire for your future. Why? Because you are worth it, your family is worth and your future is worthBuild Self Confidence it. Life is changing quickly so time is always of the essence, you have to decide what you want fast and go after it even faster. 

Believing in Yourself is the fastest way to achieve anything because with this belief nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. 

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Confused about what you want to do You? Brainstorm to understand yourself better.

7 Ways To Set Goals and Crush Them Every Day 1

Use the above example as a guide to help your figure out what your ultimate goal is so you can get your new journey started. It is possible to take an old goal like wanting to be an athlete but that is not going to happen so maybe you can be a coach.