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Long-Term Career Goals: 10 Achievable Ways To Recreate Them

Long Term Career Planning

How to Recreate Your Long-Term Career Goals

If the strategies you’ve been using to achieve your long-term career goals are not working, it is time for a change.

Ask yourself the following questions:Long-Term Career Goals

  1. Why do you want this career?
  2. What actions have you taken toward your career?
  3. Why do you think you have not succeeded yet?
  4. Are you trying to do too much at one time? For example: Start an eCommerce store, write a book, and do a podcast.

10 Ways to Recreate Your Long-Term Career Goals

    1. Take out your journal or a piece of paper and write down your long-term career goal.
    2. Be honest with yourself

      • Are you a talker, or do you take action?
      • Have you created a plan?
      • Are you a procrastinator?
      • Do you get overwhelmed easily?
      • Does it take you a long time to do everything?
      • Is the lack of resources holding you back?
    3. Do you have the self-esteem to pursue your long-term career goal?

      • When you don’t have the confidence to do something, excuses take the place of action.
    4. Review your actions and steps

      • Go back and look at your plan/notes/videos/articles to see what you’ve already tried.
      • Write down your action steps in your journal.
    5. What is your lack of action costing you?

      • Financial problems
      • Are you embarrassed about where you are in your life?
    6. How do you recreate your strategy/journey?

      • After you’ve answered the above questions and know what your long-term career goals are; now you can look at them differently.
      • By listening to others, you may have thought there are only one or two ways to achieve your goals. 
      • Write down your previous action steps and the outcomes. So you won’t unconsciously keep doing the same things expecting it to work the next time. 
      • This journey will be stressful, and sometimes you may want to give up. But remember, time will pass no matter how you spend it so you might as well go after what you want. 
    7. Depending on your long-term career goals, you can research to see if you can build it online.

      • Can you use social media to build an audience for your product or service? I chose a different type of product to build my career foundation. A mobile game, which allowed me to create a story, be in control of my financial future and become an entrepreneur. 
      • Waiting for someone to give you a break or help you is so 20th century and may never happen. 
      • Also, do not follow the crowd instead, try something new.
    8. Building/Creating anything requires a series of questions that culminates into a plan.

      • Clarity is the key to reaching your career goals.
      • Without a plan, you will be lost and that will cause you to give up.
    9. Create A Plan

      • First, write down what you tried to accomplish in the past that did not work and why. 
      • Self-awareness is the key to change and success.
      • Mindset and actions or lack thereof will determine if you accomplish your goals.
      • How to rework your original idea to fit where you are today.
  1. Break your Big Goals into baby steps to achieve your long-term career goals.

    • Baby steps will help you feel like you are making progress which will help you keep moving forward. 
    • These goals should be broken down into steps:
      • Financial goals – incremental amounts over time that get you to your ultimate income amount. 
      • Personal goals – these goals help you with your self-esteem and make life easier such as paying off debt, or starting a self-care routine. Higher self-esteem will help you achieve your goals because know you deserve to have what you want.
      • Long-term Career goals – these goals give you direction and should be broken down into very small actionable steps so you do not get overwhelmed. 
        • Want to get promoted at work? 1st action/baby step is to find out what qualifications you need to have for that job. If you don’t have all the qualifications, the 2nd step is to find out what you need to do to acquire the skills for that job. 
        • Want to start your own business? 1st action/baby step is to research the market that you want to go into.
        • 2nd step is what are the basic things you will need to get started immediately.

When you have goals you want to accomplish, remember that you can only start from where you currently are and build from there. Focus on completing one small goal per month. Remember to write everything down and track your progress.