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How You Get In Your Own Way

How You Get In Your Own Way 1

Do You Think Life Is Just Hard And There’s Nothing You Can Do About it?

During childhood, our parents and others plant their beliefs/fears/habits inside of us but we are not fully aware of it. Then we go out into the real world to live our own lives but most of us unknowingly make some of the same choices our parents made even though we don’t like their lives.

Other decide not to listen and make their own way in the world on their own terms but whichever route you take, you will make poor choices along the way.

However, the consequences of poor choices will teach you things about yourself and the world so making mistakes aren’t necessarily bad.

But, if you continue to make those same poor choices that’s When You Get In Your Own Way.

And it’s the poor choices that make life really hard.

For example:

1. If you break the law, you will get caught in most cases and have to deal with the punishment and long-term consequences that could follow you forever.

2. If you knowingly fall in love with a married man and he won’t leave his wife for you then you just set yourself up for heartbreak.

3. If you don’t think your health is important and you eat poorly, drink too much, use drugs, and then you get really sick.

4. If you stay in a job that you hate for years, one day that job may lay you off, and now what?

5. If you stay in a marriage that is passionless, friendless, and just for convenience which causes you to hate being at home. But, the years are just passing by and you can’t date anyone else unless you decide to cheat. The stress from a bad marriage once it ends might leave you with low self-esteem and bitterness causing you to be alone for the rest of your life.

At any given moment your instincts will give you a warning, advice, or idea telling you to do something different but you might not like what your instincts are telling you so you ignore them and this is also Getting In Your Own Way.

Our instincts exist for a reason, its purpose is self-preservation but you have to tune in your own frequency to hear it otherwise the noise of the world will get in your way.

If you are UNHAPPY with your life, why don’t you do anything to change it? What is stopping you? Fear of the unknown? Everything in life is unknown when you think about it, at any moment something that you are used to or count on can change in instant and so can your life.

What are you waiting for? Nothing changes until you make different choices.

It’s your life make it the way you want it to be!