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Don’t Let Your Age Define You

Don't Let Age Define You

What Has Your Age Stopped You From Doing?


Don’t let your age define you. Age is really just a number once you’ve passed through childhood into adulthood.

We let the media, family, friends, and others tell us what is appropriate to do at a certain age.

Why should you listen to others, it’s your life you have the right to live it the way you choose.

List of things some people stop doing or do very rarely when they’re older:

  1. Exercising
  2. Socializing
  3. Traveling
  4. Go after their dreams
  5. Dating
  6. Having Sex
  7. Doing the things they use to love
  8. Dressing nicely
  9. Taking care of themselves in every way
  10. Spending time with family

Are you tired already?

Especially if you’re just over 50 when there are people well into their 90’s doing amazing things.

Why are not enjoying your life to the fullest?

If you’re at home most of the time what are you doing?

If you’re taking care of yourself by eating clean and exercising age is definitely just a number.

KFC Founder started building his empire at age 65.

“Anyone who stops learning is old whether 20 or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning is young.

The greatest thing is to keep your mind young.” Henry Ford

So check in with your thoughts around age and start changing them and take baby steps to regain excitement in your life.

Maybe is just all about your ATTITUDE

What new/old thing are you going to try today?

The Women in the Video Did Not Let Age Define Her She Defy It

Watch the video below and you’ll be amazed.