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Recipe 4 Love

Reciepe for love

Can’t Find Love?

Here’s Your Recipe 4 Love

First, open your mind to the possibility that having love in your life is a good thing.

Second, spend some time getting to know yourself meaning do some internal work, read books/workbooks, write your emotions in a journal, get a coach, etc. It’s important to know what you really want out of life and love.

Then add these ingredients to ensure maximum connection.

2 cups of applying Focus to finding love.

2 cups of Confidence that you will choose the right person.

1 cup of Courage so that you will not give up too soon.

1 cup of throwback ability, if a man comes into your life that is not right, you must have the strength to send him back from which he came regardless of his stats.

2 cups of Femininity

½ a cup of Smiles

½ a cup of Flirtation

1 cup of sexiness

Sprinkle of the word “no”

This is a common excuse, we are too busy to look for love, and fear is what is really driving this excuse. So, you have to focus on love if you want to find it. Sometimes because of past hurts, some of us feel we do not have the capability to choose well but having you spend some time getting to know “you” from a new perspective will make you reevaluate your past choices.

Also, getting in touch with your needs instead of just your wants will help you choose better. Disappointments are hard for humans to deal with but you have to stay the course if you want to change the direction of your love life. I don’t know about you but to me, this journey was not met to travel alone so don’t deny yourself the life and love you truly want.

A man may come into your life that has all the stats that you are looking for both the physical and financial requirements but he may not be able to meet your needs. Cute and money dissolves quickly in water, and the water I’m referring to tears.

Remember, men like feminine women who take care of themselves, smile, flirt, and are sexy so these are very important ingredients in this recipe.

A sprinkle of the word “no” is also very important because some women have difficulty with this word. If a man is not treating you the way you deserve or if he asks you for sex without a commitment you have to be able to say “no”. After saying, “no” the man will decide if he wants to step up or step away.

After mixing all the ingredients together a Feminine, Confident, Secure, Beautiful, Flirty Woman will emerge, and finding love will be a whole lot easier than before. Until next time, may your days be filled with peace, passion, pleasure, and purpose.