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Beautiful is More than Skin Deep

Beautiful is more than skin deep

No matter what Century or generation you were born into, almost everyone knows the legend of Snow White. The legend doesn’t look like the picture in this article but this is the 21st century and beauty is rarely shown as colorful.

Snow White is referred to as the “fairest” of them all, and then there’s the Wicked Witch, who is insecure, basically insane, and horribly jealous of Snow White. She wants to be young and beautiful forever, which we all know is impossible.

When we are very young, we feel in some ways like we will never grow old so we do things that can actually make us age faster than we realize. We play Russian Roulette with our health and safety, exposing ourselves to unnecessary stress and worry and fear over things we cannot control.

And while beauty is skin deep, being beautiful comes from the depths of your soul and shines through in your personality. Physical beauty does not equal personality beauty. There are a lot of things that represent beauty in our world but they don’t have to compete with one another for attention and neither do we. No amount of makeup with help you feel beautiful if you are struggling on the inside, it will only help you look more beautiful.


Tips for being Beautiful:

1. Attitude – Having a positive attitude will attract positive situations, conditions, and people into your life. Looking at the brighter side of things will wash away the negativity and allows you to see life in a brand new exciting way; it changes your perspective and shows you something you did not see before.

We sometimes forget all the wonderfully beautiful things life has to offer us because we are surrounded by and bombarded by so many negative messages that we don’t realize how that, over time, affects us. By consciously choosing to look at not-so-great circumstances in a positive light, people will wonder and want to know how your life seems to run so smoothly.

2. Treat Yourself Well – Regularly carve out and take the time to pamper yourself. This includes getting proper nutrition and rest. I mean connecting to the people you care about and whose company you cherish. It also includes things like writing in your Journal and dumping the thoughts and emotions that you are carrying around in your mind and body. Journaling can create a sense of calm inside of you which will help you to feel beautiful.

There is nothing wrong with spending quality time with yourself. The best relationship that you can build is the one with yourself only then can you Create an Amazing Life. Once the relationship with yourself is built, the others are a piece of cake.

3. Inner (Internal) Peace – There is nothing like the feeling of inner or internal peace and these days it can be difficult for us to obtain. When you are in control of your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you, people don’t think you’re crazy and you don’t feel crazy. You find joy and pleasure in the smallest of things like a baby’s smile, a kiss, a blazing sunset, a cool breeze, a child’s giggle, and a clear, sparkling moonlit night.

When you embrace the simple delights of life you can also learn to embrace things like accepting someone for who they are and making changes when necessary in order to maintain that peaceful place inside.

4. Treat Others Respectfully – Most people are familiar with the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Do not waste your precious time and life with emotions like anger, jealousy, spitefulness, or being judgmental and mean. That kind of behavior makes for a very ugly personality no matter how physically beautiful you are. Instead, put yourself inside someone else’s shoes because you don’t know when you might have to wear them. Smile kindly at others; acknowledging another person’s presence may change their lives in ways you can’t even imagine.

5. Teach Others How to Treat You – Don’t let anyone mistreat you because then they’ll think their behavior is acceptable and they will continue to do it as long as you let it slide. This eventually breeds anger, resentment, and finally, you explode. It is your responsibility to set healthy boundaries and requires that others honor them. They will either accept them or walk away. This goes for everyone, including men you decide to date.

So before you look in the mirror and critique your face or envy, other women, for what they have that you don’t, take a peek inside yourself and see what you find. You may be surprised at what you discover; others may see in you what you don’t (can’t or won’t) and this may be the reason why you are not getting what you want out of life and love.

Treat yourself with LOVE and COMPASSION; it will help you to grow and evolve in loving ways and this will make you beautiful.