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Do You Feel Stuck And You Don’t Know What To Do?

Pause for a moment. When you look around your world, the one where you live every day, what do you see?

  1. Do you see happiness, passion, fun, excitement, joy, and adventure?
  2. Or do you see pain, despair, and sadness; a lack of hope, lack of opportunity, a lack of direction, and just plain negativity?
  3. If your World is NOT what you want it to be, what can you DO TODAY that can get you on the ROAD TO CHANGE TOMORROW?

First and foremost, you must DECIDE to CHANGE. There’s just no way around this. Every first step begins with a decision to take action. We often wonder why nothing in our lives ever gets accomplished or why situations or conditions stay the same.

It is because we have NOT made the inner decision to actually carry out our choice TO change. Change is scary because it is unknown. And although misery may be keeping you company now, it’s time to KICK IT TO THE CURB!

Tips on What YOU can do TODAY to Make TOMORROW Better:

1. Pick one small area of your life that you feel is really out of balance and make a change.

  • This could be one of your habits: eating, sleeping, living, working, and dating.
  • Maybe you are wearing worn shoes or clothing that needs to be replaced with new clothes and shoes.
  • These are slight changes you can see in an instant.
  • Tony Robbins speaks about changing a person’s state and one way he says to do this is to “Raise Your Standards”.
  • When you raise your standards wearing worn shoes or outdated clothing will no longer be “okay”.

2. Give yourself a BREAK. Seriously.

  • You are NOT perfect so stop tearing yourself down because you have issues with your body, your intelligence, or your looks. Most things can be changed, you just need a plan.
  • If you have issues with your body because you’re 30 pounds overweight, then come up with a healthy way to permanently lose the weight and get in shape.
  • The BETTER you feel about yourself and the more CONFIDENCE you will have. Increased CONFIDENCE will cause you to do things you don’t normally do, breaking you out of your rut and making your life more exciting.

3. Break out of your Rut.

  • Doing things you don’t normally do is a definite way to make your TOMORROW Better and more interesting. WHY?
  • When you do something different you get different results.
  • If you do the same things the same way day after day, the results or lack of will be the same.
  • This is called Insanity. Be a little bolder, you may be surprised at the outcome.

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We sometimes believe that HAPPINESS is an obscure concept; something that is outside of ourselves and can only be found in another person or situation, such as having more money and material possessions.

I believe that true, long-lasting happiness can ONLY come from within; there just isn’t any other way. Happiness is learning to maintain a place of calmness no matter what is going on in your life, living guilt-free of the choices & decisions you make, and letting go of what you cannot control, including your past.

It is important to feel and BE alive, TODAY. Being in the past or living in the future will have you missing out on the beauty and gifts of the Present. People who have daily self-loving practices such as yoga, meditation, and healthy eating, are more likely to be centered and in tune with themselves, their environment, and their life.