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What Do Your Clothes Say About You

What do your clothes say about you

Do You Think Your Clothes Tell Others How You Feel About Yourself?

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of opinions but you can decide on whether others’ opinions of you matter to you.

There are times when others’ opinions about your appearance matter to most of us:

  1. Job interviews
  2. When you meet someone you like (dating)
  3. Meeting your partner’s family and friends
  4. Appearing on Television
  5. At work (there are generally things you can not wear like flip-flops)

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you wear everything that is in your closet? If not why?
  2. Can you fit everything in your closet?
  3. When was the last time you really pay attention to what’s your closet?
  4. How do you feel about the clothes you wear all the time? Do you feel strong, sexy, fat, beautiful, or feminine?
  5. Do you think of your clothing style as comfortable, stylish, feminine, whatever?

Clothing is an expression of the way you feel about yourself and the way you treat yourself.

Even if your bank account is not full, you can still take a moment and make better clothing choices even if you don’t like your body.

Sometimes we use clothing to either get attention or to blend into the background.

If you are not getting the attention you want from men, your clothing may be part of the problem.

What Do Your Clothes Say About You:

  1. You are happy – bright colors represent a bright feeling
  2. You are sad – when clothes a too small, too big, always dark
  3. You are trying to hide what you feel are your flaws – dark colors, winter clothing in the summer
  4. You don’t want to be noticed – low self-esteem because you don’t like the way you look
  5. You want attention – wearing clothing that is too small, too short, too bright
  6. You are feminine – sexy, feminine clothes make you feel good and get your attention
  7. You are edgy and fun – using clothes tell a story about you