Do you think that life is like a Business? It’s the small choices that have stacked on top of each other that create our reality over time.  But, make the wrong choice in life, and you could pay for it for years.

In Business, if your company losses big, scrap it and start all over again. In life, lose big, scrap it and start over again but time is the one thing you can never get back. So the hope is that you still have time to “fix” your life.

The New Year is here, and it’s like the day after a heavy rain, everything feels fresh and clean. Also, most of us are excited about the new possibilities that a New Year brings. However, by March, the clean and fresh feeling has worn off and we are back to Business as usual. What is Business as usual?

Doing the same things we have always done (stopped going to the gym, that Business you are starting has stalled and the romantic relationship that you desire to have is now not worth your time). So instead you’ve become “too busy” at work, and for this reason, it will have to wait.

It was this type of thinking/behavior that led me to write, produce and direct the feature film LOVE THERAPY  Life is like choosing what movie/series to watch on Netflix, sometimes because there’s so much to choose from you just give and try again later.

But, in some cases, trying again later can take years, and this is not good for business or your life.  Remember, you are more important than anything else you “have to do.”

So, here is my formula for keeping the New Year fresh so you don’t give up by March and return to the same old habits.

The Business of Life

1. Pick one thing to focus on, when you succeed at one thing, you are more like to try the next thing because you feel good about your success.

2. Keep that one thing to yourself. There may be people in your life that don’t understand why you want to do something so they may have negative feedback.

3. Write that one thing on a piece of paper and place it where you spend most of your time as a reminder of what you want to accomplish.

4. Start writing in a journal, this will allow you to privately release any anxiety that is inside your body so you can feel better about what you are accomplishing. Also focus on how doing this one thing could change your life for the better.

5. While working on your one thing, try doing an activity that you would not normally do; basically, step outside of your comfort zone. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds and normally run then try strength training or martial arts.

Life is about the journey, we make choices every day that shape our tomorrow so be sure you think things through before you act. But making mistakes is also a part of the journey that is how we grow so don’t let fear stand in your way. We live in a time of limitless possibilities but you have to get out of your own way to see them for yourself.

Celebrate yourself no matter where you are in your life because the better you feel about yourself the better you will do. Stubbornness will keep you where you are but courage will take you to new heights.

So what is the one thing that you’re focusing on?