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33 Low-Key First Date Ideas To Create A Spark

First date ideas

Low-Key First Date Ideas

These Low-Key First date ideas will kick off a possible new relationship. Going on a first date can be exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking trying to decide what to do. Everyone can use a little help. 

This is a long list of first date ideas so if you are not sure ask the person some leading questions to help you decide.

For example:

  • Best childhood memory
  • What have you always wanted to do but haven’t done it yet?
  • Do you prefer nature or water?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • Are you open to new experiences?
  • Are you a gamer?

First Date Ideas

33 Low-Key First Date Ideas to Consider

1. Meet for coffee

  • A classic first date option that allows you to get to know each other in a relaxed setting.
  • The other thing about a coffee date is that it is easy to leave if you are not that into the person.

2. Go for a walk

  • Take a stroll through a park or around your neighborhood and chat while enjoying the outdoors.
  • This is a good conversation starter if want to know if the person likes outdoor activities or exercising.

3. Outdoor vendor or food truck for a snack

  • This allows you to see if you have similar eating habits.
  • There are a lot of different types of diets and if you are a foodie and the other person may not be.

4. Meet on Zoom

  • The pandemic taught us we can get to know people online before we spend time or money.
  • You can enjoy a meal together while you talk about an array of topics each in the comfort of your home.

5. Take your dogs on a walk

  • This first-date idea only works if you both have a dog.

6. Take a cooking class

  • Learn how to cook something new together while getting to know each other.
  • This sets up the idea that a relationship is a partnership and that doing things together is fun.

7. Play a game

  • Challenge each other to a game of mini-golf, bowling, or even an escape room.
  • Go to adult-only arcade spots.

8. Go to a comedy show

  • Laughter is a great way to break the ice and enjoy a fun night out.
  • This will also let you know if the person has a sense of humor especially if that is one on your list.

9. Volunteer together

  • Do something good for the community and get to know each other while volunteering.
  • Also, this activity will let us know if the person is willing to try new things.

10. Attend a sporting event

  • If you both love sports, attend a game or match together.
  • But, go in separate cars because if the date is not going well, you can escape.

11. Attend an open mic night

  • Where you can listen to some good poetry or singing.

11. Go to a wine or beer tasting

  • If you both enjoy drinking, attend a wine or beer tasting and learn something new.

12. Take a dance class

  • Learn a new style of dance together while getting to know each other.

13. Attend a book club

  • If you both love reading, attend a book club meeting together.

Visit an animal shelter: Spend time with some furry friends and see if you both share a love of animals.

14. Go on a hike

  • Get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors while getting to know each other.

15. Go to a Flea Market

  • If you both have a taste for the vintage item then you can bond over the past.

16. Attend a cooking competition

  • If you both enjoy cooking, attend a cooking competition or food festival.

17. Visit a botanical garden

  • Enjoy the beauty of nature and have a relaxing day exploring a botanical garden.

18. Ride the subway or trolley around the city

  • It will help you both see your city in a whole new way.

19. Go dancing

  • If you both love to dance, attend a dance party or nightclub together.

20. Go to a fair or carnival

  •  Enjoy the bad junk food, rides, and attractions while getting to know each other.

21. Meet for dessert

  • Most people like a sweet treat.
  • If the date is going well, it’s a good excuse to go for a walk afterward to burn off some sugar.

22. Go on a bike ride

  • Explore your city on two wheels and enjoy a fun, active day out.

23. Watch a movie at a cemetery, drive-in, rooftop, or park

  • A lot of cities offer movies in different places during the summer.
  • During the winter months, there are dinner theaters if you don’t mind spending a little cash.

24. Attend an outdoor concert in the park

  • You can bring food and enjoy each other’s company while listening to music.

25. Go to a karaoke bar

  • Sing your hearts out and enjoy a fun night of entertainment together.

26. Play a video game online

  • If you are both playing at your homes, it does not matter if you can play or not.
  • You can also play for hours, and take food breaks as you get to know each other through play.

27. Kayaking in the local river

  • If you share a kayak it will be a lot more fun, especially if takes a while to find your row rhythm.

28. Try horseback riding

  • This experience can open your mind to trying new things.

29. Go to a pond and fish

  • Fishing is a relaxing way to get to know each other while being surrounded by nature.

30. Take a boat trip around the harbor

  • If neither of you has problems with seasickness this is a good way to feel the open water for a short duration of time.

31. Whale watching

  • If you like the sea this is a great way to connect with sea life and feel the wind in your hair.

32. Puzzle in the park

  • Putting together a puzzle in the park is fun and will help the two of you focus on the moment.
  • Bring food so the date will not be distracted by hunger.

33. Art gallery tour

  • Most cities have a section that in the art district where there are a lot of little galleries to explore.

In Conclusion

These low-key first date ideas are designed to get to know each other while doing fun and different things.  I don’t advocate going to someone’s home you don’t know on the first date, that is why none of the first-date ideas suggest that.